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College Express

What is College Express?

  • A fast-track alternative delivery program
  • Select courses offered in five to seven week blocks
  • Encourages teamwork and support to the individuals

Who Can Benefit From College Express?

  • Adult learner with a  busy lifestyle juggling work and family but wants to earn a college degree
  • Students wishing to complete a specific degree one class at a time

What is Unique in the Design of College Express?

  • Classes taught by committed Walters State Community College instructors who provide instruction and support to help students succeed.
  • Classes held in either five week or seven week blocks with one class beginning immediately upon completion of the prior class.
    • Classes in the natural sciences require an additional night in order to complete the lab component of the class. 
    • Students requiring developmental classes or who need to make up high school deficiencies may have to take more than one class at a time until all required work is completed.
  •  Progress through the program is continual and fast paced. Because a significant amount of learning takes place outside the classroom, students must be highly motivated, independent learners.

What Degrees are Offered in the Program of College Express?

Associate of Science Degrees, A.S.

  • Teaching (AST)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • General Studies/Business
  • General Education requirements for Pre-Allied Health

Associate of Science Degree program students can complete the program in twenty-four months and transfer to a four-year institution for completion of the bachelor’s degree. Students intending to transfer to a private institution or UT should consult a faculty advisor to insure a seamless transfer.

The Associate of Science in Teaching (AST degree) enables students to transfer seamlessly into any Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) teacher education program.

Pre-Allied Health program students complete the general education requirements for any of the Pre-Allied Health programs in 12 months. These core courses meet the admissions requirements to apply for a degree in any health program.  

Associate of Applied Science Degree, A.A.S.

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Management – Business Administration
  • Clean Energy

Associate of Applied Science Degree students are work ready upon completion of their program and may earn in some cases both a certificate and degree.

All Students should follow the appropriate outline for their specific major.


What are my program requirements?

  • Preference will be given to in-state students.
  • Preference will be given to students who have completed any required remedial / developmental classes prior to entering the College Express Program.
  • Attendance at orientation before classes begin each fall, spring and summer (dates are listed on the program schedule) is required.
  • Attendance at each scheduled class meeting is required. A strict attendance policy is enforced.

What is the cost?

Is financial support available?

  • Financial aid is available for eligible students. Complete all necessary paperwork before registration. Contact the Financial Aid office 423.585.6811) for detailed information.

How do I apply for entry into the College Express Program?


Cathy Woods
Executive Director of Distance Education


Frank Umbarger
Distance Education Specialist