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Dual Credit / Credit by Assessment

Credit by assessment is often a departmental challenge assessment (cognate or performance) that allows a student to demonstrate prior learning relevant to a particular body of knowledge. The demonstration of proficiency of knowledge of the learning outcomes for a particular college-level course is validated by the college faculty, and upon enrollment of the student into the particular college, the student is awarded "transfer" credit by the college faculty. Because the high school career technical instructors and Walters State Community College instructors review course materials and determine duplicative course outcomes, articulation agreements and policies are developed. These agreements allow 11th and 12th grade high school students to take a college level assessment for free credit or in some instances receive free credit for nationally recognized certificates.

Dual Credit Requirements

  • High school instructors will analyze the postsecondary competencies/skills needed by students to successfully pass/master one or more post secondary level courses.
  • Based on this analysis, instructors may recommend qualified students attempt the dual credit exam at WSCC by submitting an application for an examination. Course descriptions of available exams may be accessed below.
  • Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in high school as an 11th or 12th grader.

Dual Credit Courses

AGRM 1410 (3 credits)
Environmental Horticulture

AGRM 2460/2461 (4 credits)
Turfgrass Management

CETC 2010 (3 credits)
Solar Energy Technologies

CISP 1230/1231 (4 credits)
Introduction to Programming

CRMJ 2040 (3 credits)
Criminal Evidence and Procedure

CULA 1200 (2 credit)
Sanitation and Food Safety

CULA 1320 (3 credits)
Culinary I - Fundamentals

ECED 2310 (3 credits)
Safe, Healthy Learning Environments

EMRC 1010 (4 credits)
Emergency Medical Responder

ETDD 1010/1011 (4 credits)
Engineering Graphics I

ETEE 1110 (4 credits)
Electrical Circuits I w/Lab

HMGT 1010 (3 credits)
Foundations of Hosp itality

INFS 1010 (3 credits)
Computer Applications

MDTR 1015 (3 credits
Terminology for Health Care


The high school student with the permission of the high school instructor and counselor will complete an online application located here.

The student must electronically submit the completed application. In addition, the student should print a copy of the completed application and ask his/her high school counselor to mail his/her high school transcript, along with the application to the Division of Distance Education. If this procedure is not completed in its entirety, the student will not be allowed to test at WSCC. It is very important to have the student SS# and birth date correctly listed.

The student must also submit an application to WSCC. The application must be printed and submitted to WSCC.

A checklist is available to assist you in completing the necessary requirements for dual credit testing.

Student Checklist
Dual Credit Exam or National Certificate / Other

  • Complete a dual credit application to qualify for dual credit exam at WSCC.
  • Print a copy of the application
  • High school instructor signs application verifying your eligibility
  • Counselor signs the application verifying your G.P.A. and attaches your transcript to the application to be mailed to the Executive Director - Division of Distance Education
  • Parent signs the application
  • Complete the post secondary application for WSCC
  • Access the WSCC application . You may submit your application electronically
  • Submit applications to:
    Catherine Woods
    Executive Director
    Division of Distance Education
    500 S. Davy Crockett Pkwy.
    Morristown, TN 37813

Online Testing Procedures

  • The Executive Director of the Division of Distance Education will review the student's dual credit application and transcript to determine eligibility.
  • Once the application is approved, the high school counselor will be notified.
  • For students wishing to test at WSCC, a User ID and Password will be assigned to the student upon his/her arrival on campus. This will be the means of access to the online dual credit exam.

Dual Credit Exam

  • A student can attempt the dual credit exam for a specific course one time only.
  • Test results will be sent to the student, the college instructor, and the secondary and post secondary school systems.
  • A grade of A, B, C, or D must be obtained for the grade to be transcripted.

Passing Grades

  • Students that pass the dual credit exam will receive free college credit at WSCC.
  • Grades will be assigned based on the post secondary dual credit exam score or where special conditions exist for obtaining dual credit, the grades will be assigned based on required national exam scores. Special conditions and minimum passing scores can be found on the sheet of courses or programs eligible for dual credit.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the grade, the student must enroll in that course during the first semester at Walters State. Students who wish to take the course must contact the Student Records Office to complete the necessary form for repeat of class.