Economic Impact

As a community college, Walters State's mission is to offer affordable educational programs for residents of Greene and surrounding counties. The new programs that will be added as a result of the enhancement of the college's downtown campus are being developed to meet the specific educational and workforce demands of Greene County. New programs will mean more individuals living in this community will have an opportunity to receive workforce training or earn a degree that will help them find an in-demand job without having to leave Greene County.

The new facility and the new programs will also contribute to a more skilled and educated workforce, which will play an integral role in attracting new jobs and industry to Greene County.

Local Economic Impact

Walters State Community College's Greeneville/Greene County Campus is a significant force in the economy of the local area, according to a recent study of the college's five-year economic impact.

During 2010-11, for example, the Greeneville/Greene County Campus contributed $13.9-14.5 million to the local economy, along with the creation of 507 new jobs.

The amount of local business volume generated as a result of the Campus' expenditures was $6.8 million during 2010-11. The impact of the Campus' expenditures on personal income was $7.1-7.7 million during the study period. During this same period, Walters State's presence in Greene County supported 507 full-time jobs.

The projected business volume impact for 2011-16 should total $55.6 million, the projected individual impact should range from $59.7-63.3 million, and the number of jobs created should total 3,942 jobs over the five year period.

The average annual impact of the Campus's operation for 2011-2016 should range from $23.1-23.8 million per year with more than 788 jobs created per year.

Economic Benefit to Graduates

The increased potential earning capacity of a class of Walters State Greene County graduates compared to their high school graduate counterparts is significant. The 2011 Walters State class can expect to earn as much as $90.7 million more over their work lifetime than individuals who obtain only high school diplomas.

New Programs

The following programs will be created or will be enhanced as a result of the new academic space.