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All Walters State Community College grant proposals, applications, letters of interest or intent to external funding sources, including state or federal agencies, foundations, or corporations, are required to be processed through the Grant Writer in the Communications and Marketing Office. Please contact and collaborate with the Grant Writer on grants to further the mission of Walters State and support faculty, students and our community.

Grant Development

  • All grants must be mission-focused and align with WSCC priorities.
  • All grant activities must be in accordance with TBR Policies and Guidelines and WSCC Policies.
  • Most grants take 30-45 days to prepare for submission. Therefore, grant requests must be received for review at least six weeks prior to the grant deadline. The grant writer will not review last minute requests of less than two weeks for proposals, unless the program is established and there is evidence of a well-designed narrative and budget.
  • Funding requests to local foundations and/or businesses must not conflict with ongoing or pending relationships initiated by the Walters State Foundation. This is to ensure that conflicts of interest do not impede projects or initiatives of the Foundation. Typically, funders do not honor multiple requests from the same organization, and such solicitations may undermine carefully constructed relationships. Preapproval with the Intent to Apply form will assist the Grant Writer and the Foundation in avoiding potential conflicts. Please contact the Grant Writer before approaching foundations or businesses for project support.

Grant Development Services

The Grant Writer provides a variety of services including research and identification of potential funding opportunities, writing, editing, and overall project development. We encourage all members of the Walters State faculty and staff to explore funding opportunities or potential project ideas. The Grant Writer needs content experts in virtually every area of our college to assist in the development of future projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you know of or have found a grant opportunity or would like to discuss your project concept.

  • Research grant opportunities for WSCC.
  • Match potential funding opportunities with the needs of WSCC and the requests of faculty and staff.
  • Work as a team member with faculty and staff to write, compile, and submit grant applications. Remember, faculty and staff are the experts in their field and their input is vital in composing a successful grant application.
  • When a grant is awarded, the Grant Writer will conduct a post-award assessment to determine responsibilities and deadlines for follow-up reports.
  • Obtain feedback, when possible, from granting agencies about the quality of grant applications.
  • Retain records of all grant submissions and grants awarded.
  • Present grant workshops for faculty and staff.

Grant Development Process

Opportunity Identified

The Communications and Marketing Office Grant Writer will identify possible grant opportunities and forward to appropriate deans, department heads, faculty, or staff. Grants should support current programs or provide opportunities to develop new projects based on institutional priorities. Faculty and staff are encouraged to research funding opportunities and forward suggestions to the Grant Writer to evaluate for appropriateness and feasibility.

Application Development

The Grant Writer will meet with the program director and/or project team to discuss the potential grant.

The Program Director is the person who will be the primary contact person for the Grant Writer during the grant process. (The Program or Project Director might also be referred to as the Principle Investigator.)

The program director is responsible for submission of the Intent to Apply form.

Intent to Apply Form – Coming Soon

Once the Intent to Apply has been received, the Grant Writer will make every effort to review within five business days.

Work Planning and Implementation

The development of a grant application is a collaborative and team process. The Grant Writer will be actively involved in preparing and editing the grant narrative for content, required formatting, grammar, and budget preparation. The Grant Writer will be involved in team meetings and in the writing of the grant narrative as part of the grant team.

The Grant Writer will monitor the progress of the grant application and assist with timeline, narrative, goals, objectives, work assignments, and budget.

Review and Signatures

Grant application is assembled according to grantor’s requirements. The Grant Writer will assist with edits and assemble attachments. Final approvals and signatures must be obtained by the Program Director using the Internal Routing Form.

Signature Form – Coming Soon

Grant Submission

The Grant Writer will submit the grant according to the grantor’s requirements.

Post Award of Grant

Contracts and award letters must be reviewed by the Grant Writer, the Business Affairs Office and the Contracts Office so as to comply with WSCC and TBR guidelines. Grant activities must not begin until authorizing documents are signed. The Grant Writer will track reporting requirements along with the Program Director, Business Affairs, and Communications and Marketing to ensure timely financial and performance reports to the funder and fulfillment of any recognition requests.