The following Work Study Application is for the 2023-2024 college year....



Important Message
Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each semester. If a job is available, applicants will be contacted by the Financial Aid Office for an interview.

Personal Information
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Work & Semester Information
1 For which semesters are you applying for work? (select from the list below)          
2 How many credit hours do you plan to take?        
3. Do you currently work?        
What is your program of study?
Please select all campus locations you would prefer to work:

6. Please list any volunteer work or community service you have participated in:
7. Please list any prior work experience and/or work skills you have.
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8. If you are currently working in the FWS Program, please list your supervisor's name:        
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9. Please indicate the department you prefer to work in.
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10. If there is not a job available for the department you selected above, are you willing to work in another department?  
Community Service positions offer a higher rate of pay and will be filled first. Are you interested in working at a community service employer at an off-campus location in Morristown?     
12. Are you interested in being a tutor to elementrary school children in the area of Reading or Math within an elementrary school in Morristown?
13. Do you have reliable transportation?  
14. How many hours per week are you available to work?   
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Complete & Submit Application
Please read the following information before proceeeding!

The Federal Work Study Program provides jobs on and off campus to eligible students who demonstrate a financial need in order to continue their education. Students must be enrolled in 6 or more hours to be eligible. Students must first have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submitted all verification documents to the Financial Aid Office (if required) to determine their eligibility. Please note that students may be required to go through an interview process and background check. Students are normally scheduled 10-15 hours of work per week at the current student wage rate. Whenever possible, students are assigned to work in an area related to their major and/or skills. Students are expected to work their assigned schedule. Any changes must be approved by the supervisor. Time sheets are submitted by supervisors once a month. Checks are direct deposited on the last working day of each month.
  Walters State Community College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, religion, disability, or VA status.









Period: 2023-2024



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