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Spring 2022

THE ENDS WE SEEK is a work of historical fiction, which moves between actual events in the 19th and 20th centuries. The play vividly and powerfully illustrates how major historical events -  Abraham Lincoln's election and Emancipation Proclamation, as well as the movement for civil rights inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr -mpacted the lives of ordinary individuals and families. A mother and a son, in two different centuries, play out the average person's struggle with life in a dysfunctional society rife with racism. Scenes of daily life play out against a backdrop of history and lead us through moments where national, social, and political turmoil have lasting and powerful effects on ordinary families. With sharp dialogue, inspired by true stories, and with captivating musical interludes, THE ENDS WE SEEK is more than an educational reinforcement of lessons learned from our Social Studies curriculum. It personalizes and humanizes the experience of ordinary people swept up in the events of history.

    2022 Schedule - Admission is free - Open to the public

  • Wednesday, February 16 - Claiborne County Campus Auditorium, 2 p.m.
  • Thursday, February 17 - Morristown Campus SSB Lyceum, 6:10 p.m.
  • Monday, February 21 - Niswonger Campus Lyceum, 6:10 p.m.
  • Tuesday, February 22 - Sevier County Campus, CAPE 106, 4 p.m.

Recorded version available February 22 - March 5 for those who are not able to attend in person.

click here to watch the recording


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Fall 2021

Virtuoso didgeridoo player and master multimedia producer Rob Thomas invites you on a journey to Australia ... and beyond. Rob was born in the U.S., lived in Australia, and has traveled the world, all of which have contributed to his unique and captivating musical project, Didge Evolution. The Didge Evolution concert mixes funky didgeridoo rhythms, pumping beats, percussion instruments and relaxing soundscapes with both organic and electronic sound effects ... all the while immersing the audience in a stunning virtual landscape of Australian cities, forests, deserts, oceans and distant galaxies. Didge Evolution is much more than a musical event. It's a mesmerizing journey of sight, sound and imagination!

Didge Evolution is also educational and inspirational. The didgeridoo has been played by Australia's Aboriginal people for at least 1,500 years, and Rob explains its history and connections to the modern day. He also encourages college students to think creatively and imaginatively regarding their own careers, and to travel far and wide to better understand the interconnectivity of all humans. Audience members are encouraged to participate in a Q&A session after the show.

Didge Evolution

Didge Evolution Preview

Live Performance

Wednesday, November 17 2021
2:00 PM
Claiborne County Campus | Auditorium

Workshop to follow at 3:15 PM

Virtual Attendance

Watch a Pre-Recorded Show November 17 - December 2, 2021

Watch Pre-Recorded Show

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