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Monday October 18, 2021

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View "Day of the Clones" May 5-7
May 2, 2021

Walters State theatrical performances usually shine a spotlight on student actors. This spring, that spotlight is expanding to include budding playwrights.
Two original plays written by students can be viewed at no cost on the college’s YouTube page May 5-7. 
Director TJ Kent, assistant professor of theatre, took advantage of social distancing requirements to add a new layer of creativity through the words of students. 
“Rockaburlesque,” by Lennon Sandifer, introduces a society where cloning is widespread. Charlie discovers he the clone of a famous musician and naturally heads to the title club, a place in Texas where clones of famous musicians perform. His self-discovery journey becomes complicated when another club forces him to choose between life as Charlie and life as clone imitating the original.  
“Afterlife,” by Brian Moradel, follows workaholic-scientist Django through a string of failed experiments until he makes a breakthrough in human cloning.  Now, he wrestle with the moral and practical ramifications of his discovers. Along the way, he finds his own humanity.
“These are not full productions of the plays, but rather staged readings of condensed versions,” Kent said. 
Other Walters State students participate in the play are Britney Newman, Daniel Johnson, Reagan Davis, Zach Byrd, Ethan Couch, Dylan Lyle, Hannah McCarter and Matthew Dunn.