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Summer Workshops Planned for TN Reconnect Students
April 11, 2018


Walters State Community College is offering free workshops during summer semester on all campuses for individuals planning to enroll in Tennessee Reconnect this fall. These workshops will serve as a refresher for many adult learners while also providing the opportunity to earn credit. Tennessee Reconnect is a new scholarship that will pay the tuition for adult students attending a community college.  

To be eligible for Tennessee Reconnect, individuals must have been a Tennessee resident for a year and meet one of these requirements: be 24 or older, be a veteran or on active duty, be a parent, be married, have been in foster care. Students are also required to complete the FAFSA for fall 2018 and enroll in at least six credit hours a semester. 
“We want our students to be ready to start this fall. These popular workshops will help students in reading, writing and mathematics. These are subjects that can make students returning to college a little nervous,” said Melissa Duff, dean of the Student Success Center at Walters State. 
In addition to getting ready for college-level work, students also have the chance to earn credit for the required courses, “Computer Applications,” which teaches computer applications needed as a student, and “The College Experience,” which gives students many tools for success in college. Students who pass the end-of-exam course will be awarded credit.

The workshops do not start until June, but a mandatory May orientation is required. 
For more information, call 423-318-2337 or e-mail Students can also register for the classes through the following links. Students may register for more than one workshop.

Claiborne County Campus:
English/Writing Workshop 

Morristown Campus: 
English/Writing Workshop 
Computer Applications 

Greeneville/Greene County Campus:
English/Writing Workshop 
Computer Applications 

Sevier County Campus:
English/Writing Workshop