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Thursday November 15, 2018

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Walters State Top Tech-Savvy Community College
May 17, 2018

Walters State Community College has been named the top tech-savvy community college in the country by the Center for Digital Education. Walters State tops their annual survey of mid-sized colleges, which include those with 5,000-10,000 enrollment.
“The college’s faculty and staff are committed to finding innovative ways of using technology to increase student learning outcomes and student engagement. Seeing their work recognized at this level is very rewarding,” said Dr. Tony Miksa, president of Walters State. 
The Center commended Walters State’s collaborative efforts with K-12 programs and the diversity of programs offered that use technology to enhance learning.
“The college makes use of many collaborative technologies in the classroom. Additionally, the college’s dual enrollment program continues to offer multiple modes of delivery to all dual enrollment students, including online, desktop video, video-streaming and hybrid classes,” the Center said in releasing the survey. 
Other areas considered in the ranking are the integration of technology in the classroom, the use of mobile devices and data management. The availability of digital tools to both students and faculty as well as strategic planning also factored into the ranking. 
Walters State has ranked in the top ten in the previous eleven surveys conducted and is considered a national leader in using mobile tools and emerging technology. Walters State has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for the innovative use of technology to create a compelling and engaging learning environment.
Cleveland Community College in Cleveland, North Carolina, and Hosos Community College in New York finished second and third on the survey.
The Center for Digital Education is a national research and advisory institute specializing in education technology trends, policy and funding.