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Thursday July 02, 2020

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Take Classes at Cherokee, Cocke County High
June 10, 2019

Walters State Community College will offer popular general election courses at Cocke County High School and at Cherokee High School in Hawkins County during fall semester.
The following classes will be offered on the night indicated at Cherokee High School:
early humanities (Monday), fundamentals of communication (offered on both Monday and Wednesday), intro to psychology (Tuesday), introductory statistics (Wednesday) and the college experience (Thursday).
The following classes will be offered on the night indicated at Cocke County High School: intro to psychology (Monday), early United States history (Tuesday), fundamentals of communication (Tuesday), introductory statistics (Wednesday), computer applications (Wednesday), introduction to music (Thursday) and the college experience (Thursday).
These classes fulfill general education requirements for most majors. Most classes meet from 6-9:05 p.m. and each equals three college credit hours. These classes may be taken by high school students for dual enrollment and are also convenient options for working adults who want to return to college.
“These classes enable many students in Cocke and Hawkins county to complete a large portion of their degree requirements without driving to a campus in another county,” said Brian O’Dell, high school programs specialist at the college. 
For more information, contact O’Dell at 423-585-6989 or

Fall semester starts Aug. 26.