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Sunday August 09, 2020

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Meet this week's student spotlight: Rondel Henry!
February 10, 2020

Meet Rondel Henry. He's living proof that a negative can be a positive.


His wife suffered a painful injury a few years ago – and that led Rondel to a new career. 


"I had never given much thought to being a physical therapist assistant. I wasn't even sure what a physical therapist assistant did. I was impressed with the treatments my wife received. She noticed improvement after one visit."


Therapy healed his wife's shoulder and Rondel looked into becoming a physical therapist assistant. 

Rondel had previously worked in sales. He knew a new career as a physical therapist assistant would be rewarding in many ways. When he graduates in 2021, he'll enjoy more job stability and earn more money. Most important to Rondel, he knows he will be able to make a difference in the lives of others every day he goes to work.


Rondel is a Tennessee Reconnect student.