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Tuesday September 21, 2021

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Five Courses Offered at Cherokee High School
August 5, 2021

Walters State Community College is offering five general education classes at Cherokee High School in Rogersville during fall semester. Classes begin Aug. 23.
Early Humanities and Fundamentals of Communication will be offered on Monday. Introduction to Psychology will be offered on Tuesday. Introductory Statistics is offered on Wednesday and The College Experience is offered on Thursday. Classes meet from 6-9:05 p.m.
These classes are required in many of Walters State’s 150 programs and credit transfer to other colleges and universities. Classes are open to all students, including high school students interested in taking dual enrollment courses. 
“These classes enable many students in Hawkins County to complete a large portion of their degree requirements without driving to a campus in another county,” said Brian O’Dell, high school programs specialist at the college. 
For more information, contact O’Dell at 423-585-6989 or