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Traffic and Parking Information

Parking Permits

  • Parking permits are valid on all campuses from August 15 of the current year to August 15 of the following year.
  • All vehicles parked on any Walters State campus must properly display a valid WSCC hang tag/parking permit.
  • Current academic term parking permits from sister or co-hort institutions will be honored on all campuses.
  • Hang tag parking permits should be acquired during registration periods from the Campus Police Department.
  • New parking permits are issued at the beginning of fall semester and are valid from August to August. It is not necessary for spring or summer semester returning students to obtain a new hang tag each semester.
  • If you drive a different vehicle, or otherwise do not have your issued permit on the vehicle you are driving, temporary permits are available in the Campus Police office.

Parking Areas


Morristown Campus

  • Students should not park in areas designated for staff, faculty, visitors, disabled, no parking zones, or 24 hour reserved spaces.
  • Any vehicle parked in areas designated for individuals with disabilities must display a valid disability parking permit and WSCC hang tag.
  • Disability permits must be registered to the driver of the vehicle. Disability permits registered to a disabled family member may not be used for disability parking unless that family member is occupying the vehicle when parked.
  • The following parking areas are designated student parking on the Morristown campus: E, D, P, Q, R.
  • The following parking areas are designated faculty/staff/visitor parking on the Morristown Campus: A, B, C, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M,
  • After 5:30 p.m. on the Morristown campus the following faculty/staff/visitor parking areas are open to student parking: A, B, G, H, J, L, M.
  • The following parking areas on the Morristown campus are never open to student parking: C, F, I, K.
  • On the Morristown campus, all large vehicles requiring multiple parking spaces and/or vehicles with attached trailers or other extensions must park in student lot P at all times.
  • On the Greeneville campus faculty/staff/visitor parking is indicated by blue or labeled curbs.
  • On the Greeneville campus student parking is any space not specifically indicated by a blue or labeled curb. In addition, students may park in nearby Ross and Rhea parking lots but may not park in a manner or utilize spaces that will disrupt the parking or flow of traffic to the business. Area businesses around the campus reserve the right to notify city police to issue citations to violators.
  • All disabled spaces on all campuses are open to all students with disabilities regardless of location in a student or faculty lot. Should all disability parking in a parking area be filled, students may utilize a regular space in that lot. However, a valid state disability permit and/or WSCC disabled student permit must be displayed.

Sevierville Campus

  • Faculty/staff/visitor parking is indicated by a blue curb.
  • Student parking is all other available spaces in the lots not painted blue.

Greeneville Campus

  • Faculty/staff/visitor parking is indicated by blue or labeled curbs.
  • Student parking is any space not specifically indicated by a blue or labeled curb. In addition, students may park in nearby Ross and Rhea parking lots but may not park in a manner or utilize spaces that will disrupt the parking or flow of traffic to the business. Area businesses around the campus reserve the right to notify city police to issue citations to violators.

detailed information and maps

Speed Limits, Enforcement

  • Speed limits on the Morristown campus are radar enforced.
  • Speed limits on all campus streets is 15 mph.
  • Speed limits in all campus parking lots is 10 mph.
  • All State of Tennessee Motor Vehicle Laws are applicable on all campuses 24 hours a day.
  • Campus police officers on all campuses are responsible for enforcement of state and local laws as well as college regulations.

Automobile Accidents

  • All automobile accidents on all campuses must be reported to the campus police department.
  • The campus police department on duty officer will make a written report.
  • Copies of the accident report may be obtained, at no charge, within two days of the accident unless otherwise indicated by the reporting officer.

Motor Vehicle Assistance

Campus police assistance is limited to the following:

  • Dead battery :: Booster pacs are available for loan in the campus police office at each campus.  Please present a valid identification and complete the required request form.  The identification will be held in the campus police office until the booster pac is returned.   
  • Keys locked in vehicles :: Tennessee state law prohibits the unlocking of vehicles by anyone other than a licensed locksmith.  Please ensure that you carry a spare key, or have one that you can retrieve for this purpose.  Otherwise you may contact a local lock smith agency at your own expense to assist you.  Campus police officers are not licensed to unlock vehicles.
  • Flat tires :: Due to liability reasons campus police officers cannot change flat tires.  You may contact a local garage or towing company at your own expense to assist you.  
  • Fuel :: Due to liability reasons campus police officers cannot transport individuals to get gas even if a gas can is available.  Please ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently fueled prior to coming to campus.


  • Student vehicles parked in faculty/staff/visitor parking areas on all campuses will be cited.
  • Vehicles parked in faculty/staff/visitor lots designated as student parking after 5:30 p.m. but are utilized for student parking prior to 5:30 p.m. will be cited.
  • Multiple parking and traffic violations will result in a citation being issued indicating each individual violation.
  • Multiple violations on one citation will result in multiple fines.
  • Any vehicle with two violations for not having a campus hang tag may, upon further violation, be removed from campus at the owner's expense.
  • Excessive violations may result in vehicle being towed at the owner's expense, suspension of driving privileges and/or other disciplinary action as imposed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.


  • The fine for parking and registration violations is $15.
  • The fine for parking in areas designated as "Disabled" is $200.
  • The fine for a moving vehicle violation is $15.
  • Fines should be paid promptly during the current semester to avoid penalties.
  • Fines may be paid in the Business Office of each campus between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Appeal Process

  • The campus police department IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the appeals process and is not authorized to void student citations.
  • If a student wishes to protest a citation, the protest MUST be made within 10 days, excluding holidays and weekends, from the date of the citation.

Appeals may be made in the office of Student Affairs located in room 100 of the Jack E. Campbell College Center building on the Morristown campus between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Students appealing citations at satellite campus sites (Claiborne, Greeneville and Sevierville) will not be required to travel to the Morristown campus. Traffic court will be held at these campus sites via remote broadcast.

Visitors and Guests

  • It is the responsibility of each student to advise any visitors/guests they will have on campus of the parking rules and regulations.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual visiting the campus to abide by campus rules and regulations.
  • Visitors to our campuses should obtain a parking permit from the campus police office to avoid receiving a citation.
  • Visitors receiving a citation may return the citation to the campus police office the day it is received. The visitor will be asked to verify that they are visitor and no fine will be assessed.
  • Visitor citations will not be accepted from students.

For complete parking and traffic regulations, refer to the current Student Handbook.

Contact Campus Police

Claiborne | 423.851.4778

Greeneville | 423.798.7961

Morristown | 423.585.6752

Sevierville | 865.774.5813