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Timetable of Classes

Spring 2016

Summer 2015

Fall 2015

These are the same as the printed timetables. For the most recent class information, visit StarNET's class schedule.

Final Exam Schedules are located within the current Timetable of Classes

Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2016

Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2015

Textbook Information

Looking for your textbooks? Find them now using our guide!

Students are encouraged to complete their admissions file and register as soon as possible. Registering early allows for more flexibility when building a schedule as more course offering and times are available. For an academic calendar, click here. To register for classes, please visit StarNET.

Not sure how to register for classes online? Below is a step by step guide.
add a course online or search for a class online

Register for Classes

Register / Add a Course Online
A step by step guide to registering for classes online

  • Access StarNET
    • login
  • Enter user ID and PIN (for initial access)
    user ID - social security number or issued W id
    PIN - six-digit date of birth
    • Type in your User ID and PIN then select Login.
  • Click "LOGIN"
  • Click on "STUDENT"
  • Click on "REGISTRATION"
  • Click on "ADD OR DROP CLASSES"
  • Select the appropriate term and click "SUBMIT"
  • If you have any required developmental courses, they will be listed at the top of the page.
  • If you know the CRN for the course, you may enter the five-digit CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet.
  • If you need to search for available class sections, please see the directions below.
  • Once the desired CRN(s) are listed in the worksheet, click "SUBMIT CHANGES"
  • You will either receive a:

    "WEB REGISTERED" message meaning you have been registered in the course

    "REGISTRATION ADD ERRORS" message meaning you have errors that need to be corrected. You may encounter the following errors:
      either the course you are registering for has a pre-requisite or you are not eligible to take the course based on your test scores
      you have already registered for the course using the same CRN or another CRN assigned to that same course
      invalid CRN number
      course you are trying to register for has a time conflict with another course you are already registered for
      you have already taken the course you are trying to register for and made an A or B in the course
      class is full
    If you encounter any of these errors and need assistance,
    please contact Student Enrollment Services at 423-585-2685.
  • You can view a detailed schedule of registered classes, by clicking "STUDENT DETAIL SCHEDULE" or "CONCISE STUDENT SCHEDULE" on the main menu.

Search for Classes Online
A step by step guide to searching online for classes

  • On the main menu, click "LOOK UP CLASSES"
  • Select the appropriate term and click "SUBMIT"
  • You can select the appropriate subject and click "CLASS SEARCH" and all sections of the course you selected will appear.
  • You can also narrow down your search results by selecting a particular campus, day, time, etc.
  • Keep in mind that the more search criteria you enter, the more narrow your results.
  • When the available class sections appear, you may click the "SELECT" box on the left of the screen and click "REGISTER" at the bottom of the page to try to register for that course or click "ADD TO WORKSHEET" and the course will be added to the registration worksheet, but will not attempt to register you for the course.