During the 2020-21 academic year, Walters State Community College will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We will reflect on our history, celebrate the achievements of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and recognize and thank our supporters and the community we serve.

At the root of Walters State’s continuous growth is the college’s commitment to transforming lives through education. Our instructors, students and programs have received national recognition for their excellence, and the college continually develops new academic programs to meet specific needs of the local and regional economy.

50th Anniversary Events

November - December
Community Thank-a-Thon

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Community Celebration

Voices from our community

History of the College

students on campus

Walters State opened in Morristown in September 1970 to 414 students. Students took basic academic courses and could choose among five career programs (law enforcement, secretarial science, manufacturing, library services and architectural technology). Today, the college’s 6,000-plus students can attend classes at one of four campus sites and choose majors from 150 university transfer or technical career-preparation programs.

Students in Tennessee History during the Spring 2020 semester completed a project that involved researching the history of the state, along with research into Walters State Community College.

Student History Project

Walters State at 50

Podcast series