Departmental Assessment

Departmental Assessment

Under certain conditions a student may be awarded credit in other courses by taking a series of departmental examinations and/or standardized tests in a particular subject area. All academic credit by examination requests must be made to the division dean and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. To be eligible for consideration for credit by examination, a student must register for the course and attend the first day of class. All examination requirements must be completed as designed by the division.


Previous Courses and Studies

Advanced placement or college credit in foreign language classes will be based upon the student's previous studies. Placement in foreign language may be made at a level determined by the Humanities Division in consultation with the student.


Individual Departmental Decisions

Individual departments may recommend advanced placement based upon the achievement on departmentally designed examinations together with the evaluation of the student's background.

Placement in mathematics may be made at a level decided by the Mathematics Division in consultation with the student. Consideration will be given to the student's background in specific courses and available test scores, including departmental examination.

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