Admissions FAQ

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Overview and Visits

Where is Walters State located?

Walters State has campus locations in Morristown, Sevierville, Greeneville, Tazewell and Newport. Online courses, hybrid courses and video streaming courses also offer flexibility for WS students.


How many students does Walters State have?

Walters State has approximately 6,900 students among all four campus sites. Typical classroom size is about 25-30 students per class.


Does Walters State provide on-campus student housing?

Walters State does not provide on-campus student housing that is affiliated with the college.


May I schedule a campus visit/tour?

Students may request campus visits/tours online or by calling 423.585.6803.

Campus Visits & Tours

Is it too late to sign up for classes?

Students may enroll in classes at Walters State until the late registration period ends each semester. Late registration period dates can be found on the Walters State College Calendar (sorted by semester).

Cost and Financial Aid

How much does it cost to attend Walters State?

Walters State is much more affordable than public or private four-year institutions. Students can save thousands of dollars by beginning their education at Walters State.

Tuition is set each June by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Fees include maintenance fees, technology access fees, campus access fees, a student activity fee, and an international studies fee. Other fees vary according to the number of credit hours taken, such as online courses, RODP courses and dual enrollment courses taught in high schools. Tuition is based on the number of credit hours a student takes. The cost of books, travel, etc. is not included in this price.


What kind of financial aid is available to students?

Walters State offers numerous scholarships that are based either on academic merit, financial need, or both. We also offer academic and federal work study opportunities if the student qualifies. A student will need to complete a WS scholarship application by February 1 of his/her senior year in order to apply for institutional scholarships. A student will also need to send his/her FAFSA information to the college for consideration for state and/or federal money (lottery scholarships, Pell grant, etc.) Walters State is also an eligible institution for Hope (lottery) scholarships. Apply early!!!!!


I need help completing the FAFSA.  Who can I call?

If you need help completing the FAFSA, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at 423-585-6811 to schedule an appointment with the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC). 


Does my aid cover next semester or do I need to reapply?

Financial Aid is awarded for the aid year. If you complete the fall term successfully, then your aid should be there for spring as well. Rules for summer term vary based on type of aid, check with the Financial Aid Officer (FAO) to see if your aid is available for summer. 


What is the status of my financial aid?

You can check the status of your financial aid by logging in to your MyWS account. If you have an alert for unsatisfied financial aid requirements, make sure to turn in any needed documents as soon as possible. Visit the financial aid Steps to Apply for help.

Enrollment and Application Process

What is the process to enrolling at Walters State?

Students need to complete the application for admission by either filling it out on line or by hard copy. Students will need to submit high school transcripts, college transcripts or GED scores to the Admissions Office Once the application for admission is submitted, the Admissions Office with notify the students of additional requirements.


What is the minimum ACT/GPA for admission?

Walters State has an open door admissions policy so we do not require a certain high school GPA or ACT score. We do, however, require that a student earn a regular high school diploma or high school equivalency for admission to the college.


What is the status of my application?

Students may contact the Walters State Office of Admissions to check on the status of a completed application for admission.
Office of Admissions: / 423-585-2685


Has my transcript been received by Admissions?

Students may check missing admissions requirements in their MyWS account. They can also contact the Walters State Office of Admissions to determine if admissions documents have been received (transcripts, test scores, etc.). Office of Admissions: / 423-585-2685


I have received my Walters State acceptance letter, what is my next step?

Congratulations on your acceptance to Walters State! Now…what’s next? Admitted Walters State students should review the “What’s Next?” document that was enclosed with the acceptance letter along with the Steps to Enrollment information online to ensure all enrollment steps are completed. Still have questions? Simply contact the Office of Admissions for assistance. Office of Admissions: / 423-585-2685


What is MyWS?

MyWS is the student portal for account information. All of your information is housed in your MyWS account and where you can easily access your student email, Senators Mail. Once you have been accepted, you can activate your account and login to your MyWS account. In MyWS, you can view missing admissions and financial aid requirements, holds on your account, account balance information, financial aid awards, your degree evaluation, and much more!


I can’t login to MyWS. Who should I contact?

You can contact the Help Desk at 423-318-2742 for account assistance.

Class Registration

How do I register for classes?

After all the admissions related items are received, first-time students need to complete orientation. After completion, students can speak with an advisor about classes and then register for them through MyWS. It is always a good idea to register for classes early as some fill up rapidly.


I have registered for classes. How can I find my schedule?

Great! You can find your schedule on your MyWS account. Make sure to check your schedule before classes start and review your meeting dates, times, and campus location of your classes. If you have any questions, contact Admissions for assistance. Office of Admissions: / 423-585-2685


When do classes begin?

The Walters State College Calendar provides the dates when classes begin each semester (along with other important dates for student review).


I have an academic advising hold on my MyWS account and need assistance.

Students who have an academic advising hold on their MyWS account need to schedule an appointment with their advisor prior to registering through MyWS. Questions? Contact the Student Success Advising Center for assistance. Student Success Advising Center: 423-318-2337


How do I apply for accommodations for a disability?

You can find information through Disability Services or contact
Student Support Services at 423-585-6893.

Transferring and Transcripts

How easy is it to transfer Walters State credits?

Walters State has articulation agreements and equivalency tables with numerous state and private four-year institutions. It is also always a good idea for students to "work backward" and see what courses the four-year institution requires for their particular major. More information about transfer of credit, articulation agreements and equivalency tables can be obtained by contacting the Student Success Advising Center at 423-318-2337 after a student has been admitted to Walters State.


I need to get a copy of my transcripts.

The easiest way to obtain a copy of your transcript is to go to WS.EDU. Type the word transcript in the search box, choose “Request Transcript” from the list and submit the request online. Students may also visit the Student Records Office (Morristown) or Administrative offices on any of the other campuses and complete a transcript request form.


Ordered transcript from website and my college has still not received them.

Call the Student Records Office at 423-585-2693 to check the status.


Can I pick up transcripts at another WS?

Yes, but they are only printed at the Morristown campus so allow 1-2 days for courier delivery.


Can transcripts be emailed to me?

No, for privacy purposes, we do not email transcripts. If you are a current student, you may view your unofficial transcript via your MyWS account.

Current Student

How do I change my major?

To change your major, visit You can also change your major in person in the Office of Student Enrollment Services (Morristown) or the main office at any other campus location.


Does Walters State help students find a job?

Yes! Students looking for a job may contact Counseling and Testing at 423-585-6800.


I never received my diploma, where can I get it?

Call the Student Records Office at 423-585-2693.


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