Student Clubs and Organizations

The Clubs and Organizations of WSCC

For additional information on student organizations, please contact the advisor or refer to the Student Handbook section of the College Catalog. You can also check by the Office of Student Affairs for more information.

Student clubs and organizations offer the chance to make new friends, improve your career opportunities and have fun making college memories. Look over the list and find one to join. Call the advisor listed for information on meetings and activities.

ACM Student Chapter

Membership in the Student Chapter shall be open to all ACM members and non-members. 

Contact: Mark Buckner, 423.585.2666, Mark.BucknerFREEWS.


Agriculture Club

For agriculture majors and others interested in ag-related topics. Among other activities, the club sponsors the Walters State Winter Horse Series each year.

Contact: Misty Peters, 423.585.2663, Misty.PetersFREEWS.


Art Club

For students with majors related to art, including digital media and studio art. The club sponsors art sales and has taken trips to galleries in Atlanta and Cincinnati.

Contact: Jessie Van Der Laan-Delaney, 423.318.2748, Jessie.VanDerLaanFREEWS.


Astronomy Club

Come find out why you should. Students join astronomy clubs for numerous reasons, and they`re all different. Whether it be making new friends, finding new spots to do Astronomy, getting tips on gear, or hearing about topics you might not normally hear about.

Contact: Elena Owen, 423.851.4772, Elena.OwenFREEWS.


Baptist Collegiate Ministry

No, you don’t have to be a Baptist to take part in this club. The BCM is located in the brick building near the baseball field on the Morristown Campus. Noonday lunch is served on Wednesday and the group sponsors a variety of activities.

Contact: Damon Billings, 423.587.1980.   

Marlin Curnutt, 423.851.4760, Marlin.CurnuttFREEWS


Black Student Union

Attention future game changers!  BSU is your backstage pass to creating your own footprint to excitement, growth, and memories that will scream "you were here!" We are a living, breathing community that thrives on connection, growth, and turning those two short years into a collogue of good times. You’re not just joining an organization you are stepping into a celebration of uniqueness, platform for change, and a training ground for the leaders of tomorrow. Education isn't just about books; it's about experiences. Come be a part of the legacy we're creating, one student at a time.

Contact: Roxanne Bowen, 423.585.6806, Roxanne.BowenFREEWS.


Business Management Student Organization

This club recruits, assists, organizes and promotes the interest and success in business students and those interested in business-related careers. Activities include service learning, civic and networking events, and fun activities.

Contact: Glenn McGuire, 423.585.2645, Glenn.McGuireFREEWS.


Claiborne Christian Ministries

Open to all students, regardless of denomination. The CCMC has bible studies, participates in service projects and ministers to the needs of students on the Claiborne County campus.

Contact: Marlin Curnutt, 423.851.4760, Marlin.CurnuttFREEWS.


Claiborne County Service-Learning Club

This club is for students located on the Claiborne County Campus. It offers students the opportunity to meet other students and gain out-of-the-classroom experience while serving the campus and in the community.

Contact: Aaron Young, 423.851.4767, Aaron.YoungFREEWS.


Communication Club

This club aims to recognize excellence and achievement in Communication by promoting interest in and stimulating awareness of communication and communication related events. This club is open to all students regardless of major. 

Contact: Matthew Lawson, 423.318.2332, Matthew.LawsonFREEWS.


Culinarians Guild

This club offers professional development and networking opportunities to culinary arts students.

Contact: Chef Jane Overman, 865.774.4826, Jane.OvermanFREEWS.


Debate Team

The Walters State Debate Team is one of the most successful teams in the state. The team practices on Wednesdays and competes in state and regional tournaments each semester.

Contact: Belle Elliot, 423.585.6957, Belle.ElliottFREEWS.


History Club

This clubs sponsors student activities connect with history. Majors and non-majors are welcome.

Contact: Dennis Deeb, Sevier County Campus, 865.774.5837Dennis.DeebFREEWS.

Philip Kledzik, Morristown Campus, 423.585.6921Philip.KledzikFREEWS.


International Club

This club welcomes all members and plans activities with an international flavor. The club organizes the annual International Festival in October.

Contact: Bambi Pelham, 423.318.2739Bambi.PelhamFREEWS.


International Club - Sevier County Campus

Spanish Language Honor Society

This club sponsors international activities on the Sevier County Campus.

Contact: Erika Stevens, 865.774.5830, Erika.StevensFREEWS.


Music and Theatre Club - Sevier County Campus

The club is open to music majors and non-music majors.  No prior experience is required.  Activities include campus coffeehouse music nights, student performances, and community outreach.

Contact: Laura Weathersby, 865.774.5810, Laura.WeathersbyFREEWS.


Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Membership is by invitation to students who have completed at least 12 hours of college credit while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average. Membership offers leadership, scholarship and service activities.

Contact: Dr. Lisa Eccles, 423.318.2768, Lisa.EcclesFREEWS.


Physical Therapist Assistant Club

This club provides professional development and service opportunities to students enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

Contact: Donna Cox, 423.585.6854, Donna.CoxFREEWS.



The PSYC! Club provides students on the Niswonger Campus (Greeneville) an opportunity to explore the world of psychology through activities and service.

Contact: Ray White, 423.798.7962, Ray.WhiteFREEWS.


Respiratory Care Club

This club provides professional development and service opportunities to students enrolled in the Respiratory Care Program.

Contact: Sara Smith, 423.798.7964, Sara.SmithFREEWS.


Science Club

This club provides opportunities for students studying all areas of science. Activities include trips to professional schools for medical and pharmacy, service opportunities, and fun events.

Contact: Kristen Rich, 423.318.2701, Kristen.RichFREEWS.


Senators Central Navigators

When visiting Senators Central at Walters State, both prospective and current students may receive assistance from Senators Central Navigators. The Senators Central Navigators are current Walters State students who are selected to represent the college and assist students with navigating the college process.

Navigators lead individual campus tours, serve as representatives of the College at local schools/businesses and meet with students one-on-one on a daily basis in Senators Central; located on the Morristown Campus. 

Contact: Kellee Collins, 423.585.6799, Kellee.CollinsFREEWS.


Senators Pages

The Senators Pages serve as student ambassadors for the president of the college. Pages staff campus events, man the college Welcome Desk, serve as student workers in the admissions and academic affairs offices, and are leaders in campus activities. Students are selected each summer.

Contact: Avery Swinson, 423.585.2688, Avery.SwinsonFREEWS.


Service Learners of the Walters State Niswonger Campus

Through this club, students volunteer time and resources to meet community needs.

Contact: Dr. Jaime Parman-Ryans, 423.798.7974, Jaime.ParmanFREEWS.


Sevier County Ambassadors

The Sevier County Ambassadors serve as representatives of the college, hosting campus tours and welcoming guests to special events. Ambassadors are leaders in campus activities and work in the administrative office. Students are selected through an application an interview process.

Contact: Matt Lee, 865.774.5818, Matt.LeeFREEWS



Social Sciences Club

This club sponsors student activities connecting content with the human experience. Majors and non-majors are welcome.

Contact: Jacquelyn Larson, 423.585.2606, Jacquelyn.LarsonFREEWS


Student Government Association

Elections are held each Spring semester for President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer for the next academic year. The class representatives and campus representatives are elected within the first six weeks of the Fall semester. If you want your voice to be heard and make a difference for the student body, run for Student Government Office!

Contact: Terry Harris, 423.585.6896, Terry.HarrisFREEWS.


Student Nurses Association

The club is for students currently enrolled in the nursing program.

Contact: Beth Cruz, 423.318.2752, Beth.CruzFREEWS


Student Occupational Therapy Association

This club is for students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

Contact: Cortney Boren, 423.798.8183, Cortney.BorenFREEWS.


Surgical Technology Student Organization

This club is for students who are interested in the medical field and who want to explore the field of surgical technology. The club offers opportunities for community service and volunteer work, also interaction with current surgical technology students, exposure to the surgical technology skills lab, and surgical simulation. 

Contact: Stephanie Austin, 865.286.2782, Stephanie.AustinFREEWS.



SWORD (Students Who Occasionally Roll Dice) provides students with opportunities for critical thinking in a low-stress, fun and engaging environment. Students find this to be a creative, and productive environment. This club is a great way to meet other students.

Contact: Kenneth Hill, 423.585.6966, Kenneth.HillFREEWS.


Tennessee Intercollegiate Student Legislature

TISL is for students who are interested in learning more about how state government works. Each November, students from around the state gather at the state capitol in Nashville for a four-day legislative session. Club is open to all students, regardless of major. 

Contact: Marlin Curnutt, 423.851.4760, Marlin.CurnuttFREEWS.


Word Up

This is the college’s English Club. Activities vary by semester. The club hosts the annual Slam Jam Poetry Contest.

Contact: Sherri Jacobs, 423.585.6965, Sherri.JacobsFREEWS.




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