Strategic Communications and Effectiveness

Strategic Communications and Effectiveness

The Office of Strategic Communications and Effectiveness provides various services. They specialize in communication and marketing, making sure the college's messages are effective. Additionally, they help secure grants for the college and take care of printing needs. Overall, they play an important role in managing and improving communication, maintaining compliance, obtaining grants, and handling printing tasks.

Departmental Information

  • Communications and Marketing
    The Office of Communications and Marketing offers comprehensive support to the college, managing internal/external communication, media relations, advertising, website, social media, printing, video, photography, grants, and community relations, ensuring a consistent and professional image for Walters State.
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance
    The Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance (IEC) department supports planning, research, and continuous improvement to enhance the institution's effectiveness under the leadership of the President.
  • Grants Development
    For external funding at Walters State Community College, including government, foundations, and corporations, coordinate all grant proposals through the Grant Writer in the Communications and Marketing Office. Contact the Grant Writer to inquire or collaborate on grants for supporting faculty, students, and the community.
  • Printing
    The Printing Services Department supplies the institution with quality printed materials for administrative functions, instructional programs, recruitment, and communication/marketing. They offer duplication, bindery services, and access to copy machines.





Vice President for Strategic Communications and Effectiveness