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The Dual Enrollment Program

Walters State Community College’s Dual Enrollment Program is a state-approved, cooperative community venture provided by Walters State Community College. Dual enrollment offers qualified high school students the opportunity to receive college credit at a relatively low cost while they complete their secondary education. It is designed to supplement and enrich students’ high school experiences by providing access to collegiate education without interrupting their normal high school activities. The program has been successfully implemented in all high schools within the Walters State service area. Earned credits transfer to two-year and four-year accredited institutions from Walters State according to the discretion of the receiving institution. Dual Enrollment Handbook PDF

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Middle College Program

Walters State Community College and service area school systems have partnered to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree and/or college credits simultaneously. The program provides a variety of learning options related to a range of careers for students who are ready to accept the challenge of college level classes. Many students will choose to simply take a few dual enrollment classes, while others will make the commitment to obtain an associate degree while in high school. Middle College Application PDF

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