Walters State Scholarships

Walters State Scholarships

Walters State Community College offers many types of scholarships for students within our service area. A committee comprised of faculty, administration, and students select all recipients. This process gives consideration to high school GPA, ACT scores, post-secondary GPA and other demographic information such as county of residency, program of study, and availability of funds.

The WSCC Scholarship Committee meets in April of each year to review scholarship data and to make the awards. Each award recipient will be notified by mail or email regarding the type of scholarship they have been offered. Students are required to accept or decline the scholarship by the specified deadline in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Once all scholarships are accepted or declined, additional scholarships may be awarded based on scholarship offers that were declined.

Like other types of financial aid, scholarships come with responsibility and retention standards. It is the responsibility of the student to know and understand what is expected of them in order to retain the scholarship for future terms if applicable. Minimally students are required to meet WSCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAP); however, some scholarships have more stringent GPA requirements, enrollment status requirements, duration limits and work requirements.


WSCC Scholarship Application

All students are encouraged to apply

Application Period Begins

  • September 1

Application Period Ends

  • February 1
  • Late applications will not be accepted.

All students are encouraged to apply after being admitted to the college. Click the button below and when prompted login to MyWS. After successful login you will be redirected to the scholarship application.

WSCC Scholarship Application


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