Apply to Walters State Community College

We're so excited that you've decided to attend college at Walters State! Select your student type below and follow the step-by-step enrollment process outlined just for you!


First-Time Degree-Seeking College Student

This is my first time attending college, and I want to earn an Associate's degree.

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First-Time Certificate-Seeking Student

This is my first-time attending college and I want to earn a technical certificate.

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Dual Enrollment Student

I will be a high school junior or senior and want to receive college and high school credit at the same time by taking college courses.

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Middle College Student

I'm a high school student taking college courses to meet the requirements for my diploma and an Associate of Science degree from Walters State.

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Transfer Student

I have attended another college and want to transfer my credits earned at a previous college to Walters State.

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Readmitted Student

I have previously attended Walters State and plan to re-enroll to earn my degree.

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Transient Student

I am enrolled at another college, but I want to attend Walters State to take courses and transfer back to my original college.

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Non-Degree Seeking Student

I want to enroll in classes at Walters State to achieve my educational goals, but I am not seeking a degree or certificate.

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Non-Degree Seeking Audit Student

I want to participate and enroll in a class at Walters State for no grade and no credit.

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International Student

I want to enroll at Walters State and am on a F-1 student visa.

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Additional Information

Dual Admission Program

Dual Enrollment offers qualified high school students the opportunity to receive college credit at a relatively low cost while they complete their secondary education.It is designed to supplement and enrich students' high school experiences by providing access to collegiate education without interrupting their normal high school activities. Earned credits transfer to two-year and four-year accredited institutions from Walters State according to the discretion of the receiving institution.

Dual Enrollment


Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Walters State offers college credit for some types of prior learning. Learn more now.

Prior Learning Assessment


WSCC Disability Services Guidebook

The Office of Disability Services is responsible for coordinating reasonable accommodations for students in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 (as amended in 2008).

Disability Services Guidebook