Quality Enhancement Plan

Walters State Quality Enhancement Plan Vision: 

Walters State Community College’s Quality Enhancement Plan aims to improve the academic advising process to promote student success through the following ways: creating professional development trainings and utilizing technology that transforms the advising community, helping students become connected and engaged with campus resources, and instilling students with a sense of individual responsibility that will foster academic success.

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a significant part of SACSCOC reaffirmation for accreditation. It is a college-wide project that aims to improve student learning and/or the environment that supports student learning.

Everyone is involved in this process! If you have any questions, please email the QEP Development Team at qepFREEWS.


QEP Logo

Advise to Rise

Congratulations to staff member, Ryan Thiessen, for having his submission selected as the QEP slogan and logo!  We look forward to seeing the campus “rise” during the QEP process!


QEP Contest


QEP Proposals

Based on research of existing college data and feedback from all college constituents, the QEP Development Committee has focused the topic selection to Academic Advising.

This topic includes:

  • a consistent academic advising experience that involves major and career discussions
  • accurate course selection
  • registration assistance
  • thorough degree planning that culminates in an established advisor/student relationshiip

In order to have the greatest impact, the QEP must:

  • Have college-wide impact
  • Address a known issue related to student learning
  • Focus on improving either student learning outcomes or the learning environment
  • Align with Walters State's mission and vision, campus compact, and strategic plan.