VA Payment Deferment

Request Deferment

If you plan on using your military benefits and do not want to pay tuition and fees while your benefits are being processed, you must request Deferment.

How to Request Deferment

Submit signed VA Deferment Form to Veterans Certifying Official AFTER you have registered for ALL classes for each term and no later than two weeks prior to the fee payment deadline for each term.

VA Students who do not sign a Deferment form and have a balance on their account as of the established purge dates will be purged from all registered classes due to non-payment.


Deferment Facts

  • The deferment will show up on your MyWS Alerts account as "VA Delay" and will prevent you from making adjustments to your schedule.
  • If you need to make an adjustment to your schedule:
    • call the Cashier Office at 423.585.2621 and ask that they temporarily remove the hold to allow you to make the change. The deferment will hold your fees for the entire term but you must have your account paid in full in order to register for the next term.
  • You must sign the VA Deferment form EVERY TERM you want your tuition/fees postponed.
  • Submit the form once you have finished registering for ALL classes.
  • Changes in your enrollment status may delay payment.

Financial Aid Recipients

If you have sufficient financial aid to cover your tuition and fees, it is not necessary for you to sign the deferment form; however, you will need to let the VA School Certifying Official know when you register for your classes so that your enrollment may be submitted to the VA.


Vocational Rehabilitation VA Students

It is not necessary for you to sign a deferment form or to notify the School Certifying Official that you have registered for classes. Instead, once you have registered for classes, submit a copy of your schedule to your VR Counselor. This will prompt your counselor to send a request to the school to verify your schedule. The School Certifying Official (SCO) will confirm your schedule with your counselor. If you are approved for a bookstore authorization, an account will be established for you once the verification process has been completed.


Veteran Center

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Student Services Building
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Phone: 423.585.6896


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