Refunds and Repayments

Learn About Refunds and Repayments

Failure to read these policies, terms, and conditions does not exclude students from the requirements and regulations stated herein.

Refunds Disbursement

Summer 2024

  • April 30
    Financial aid book / supply advance disbursed
  • May 29
    Begin Disbursing financial aid and institutional refunds


Spring 2024

  • January 9
    Financial aid book / supply advances disbursed
  • February 6
    Begin disbursing financial aid and institutional refunds


Fall 2024

  • August 20
    Financial aid book / supply advances disbursed
  • September 17
    Begin disbursing financial aid and institutional refunds


Verify Permanent Address:

  1. Login to MyWS
  2. Select the Banner Self-Service folder (located at the bottom left of the screen)
  5. The "STUDENT PERMANENT" address will be used for the purpose of mailing financial aid checks. To correct/update your permanent address, contact the Admissions Office at 423.585.2685.


Attendance Status

Students may view their attendance status at the beginning of the semester through MyWS.

  1. Login to MyWS
  2. Select "STUDENT"
  5. Credit balances are only processed for students whose attendance has been confirmed in all course(s) enrolled.


Create Refund Profile

Students may currently "create a refund profile" through MyWS to receive their refund electronically (direct deposit).

To create a refund profile:

  • Gather required banking account information.
  • Login to MyWS
  • Click "PAY TUITION" icon
  • Click "Continue"
  • Once in the payment portal, click "Refunds"
  • Set up the two-step verification using your phone number or email to verify your identity (if this needs to be reset, contact the Cashier Office at cashierofficeFREEWS or 423.585.2616). Enter the code you received from the two-step verificaiton.
  • Once verification is confirmed, the "Set Up New Account" button will be hilighted.
    Click "Set up New Account".
  • Enter your checking or savings account information where you want to receive your electronic refund.
  • You will receive a confirmation that the account has been created in your SenatorsMail email.;

At the time when a check cycle is executed, students who have created a refund profile will have their refunds processed electronically. For students who have not created a refund profile, their refund will be issued in a paper check and mailed to their permanent home address on file in Admissions. Once a refund has been disbursed (electronically or check), students are notified electronically through Senators Mail (not eLearn). Students are encouraged to monitor their Senators Mail regularly.

Click here to learn how to setup and receive text messages concerning your refund.


Check Processed

  • Login to MyWS
  • Select the Balance Summary icon
  • If your account balance is zero AND a "detail code" of "RFFA" is viewable AND attendance has been confirmed in all course(s) enrolled, your financial aid check has been mailed.


Returned Direct Deposit

WSCC receives notification from a financial institution if a direct deposit is returned for any reason such as closed account. Upon notification, the Cashier's Office performs the following steps:

  • Void the original electronic refund on the student account.
  • Delete the student's corresponding eRefund profile.
  • Email notification to the student through Senators mail.
  • Reissue the returned funds as a paper check during the next check cycle. The paper check will be mailed to the student's permanent address on file with Admissions.

To receive future funds via direct deposit, a student must create a new refund profile with current, accurate account information.

Note: WSCC staff does not have access to student bank account information.


Checks Returned in the Mail

Checks returned to WSCC by the U. S. Postal Service as undeliverable and no forwarding address will receive an e-mail notification through Senators Mail. Checks not disbursed within 10 business days are voided.


Lost Checks

A lost check may be reissued after 14 business days (excluding holidays) upon presenting an Indemnity Bond (completed, signed, and notarized) to the Morristown Cashier's Office. Upon receipt of the Indemnity Bond, the Cashier's Office will place a stop payment on the lost check and submit a check request for a reissue. The reissued check will be mailed.

Print an Indemnity Bond or pick one up from any campus Cashier's Office.

Return of Title IV Funds

These policies are implemented in accordance with the United States Department of Education's federal guidelines governing Title IV aid, 34 CFR 668.21 and 668.22, as well as state and institutional policies.

All Title IV aid recipients are subject to these refund/repayment policies. All other aid recipients are subject to the policies of the appropriate governing agency. Financial aid recipients are required to notify the Financial Aid Office (FAO) of changes in enrollment due to canceled classes, official withdrawals, and/or ceased attendance.

Students are awarded Title IV assistance under the assumption that the student will attend the entire period for which assistance is awarded. If a student withdraws officially, unofficially (ceases attendance in all registered courses for a period of enrollment without completing the official withdrawal process), or never attends, they may no longer be eligible for the amount of aid originally awarded or disbursed.


Unofficial Withdrawals

Unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student ceases attendance in all registered classes for a specified term and who does not complete the official withdrawal procedures as defined in the Walters State Community College Catalog/Student Handbook under "Admissions and Records", subtitle "Withdrawals and Honorable Dismissals". The withdrawal date determined for unofficial withdrawals is the last date of attendance as reported by instructors electronically.

Withdrawals and Honorable Dismissals

Unearned Aid Repayment


Repayment of Unearned Funds

Funds are repaid in the following order:

  1. (1) Federal Pell Grant
  2. (2) Federal SEOG
  3. (3) State Funds
  4. (4) Scholarships and other sources

All unearned funds for which a student received assistance will be returned in full before any monies will be refunded to the student.

Learn About Unearned Aid



Direct Deposit Fee Refunds

  • Recieve your financial aid and tuition / fee refunds faster and safer by direct depositing your refund into your checking or savings account.
  • Sign up to recieve text message updates concerning your bill or refund



Text Message Notifications of Updates

Receive text messages concerning your bill or refund.

Add your mobile phone information to your bill payment suite profile by following these steps:

  • Login to MyWS
  • Select Pay Tuition Icon
  • Click Continue
  • Click on "COMMUNICATION" bar
  • Set Opt into receiving text messages to Yes
  • Enter mobile phone information and "SAVE CHANGES"