Business and Finance Office

The Business and Finance Office

The Business and Finance Office unit formulates policies, develops operating procedures, establishes reporting methods, and coordinates day-to-day operations for the functions of Facilities Management, Human Resources, Campus Police, Great Smoky Mountains Expo Center, IET, and Budgeting and Business Services.

Appropriate internal controls shall remain in place to ensure that all funds, property, and other assets are safeguarded and appropriately used in accordance with the needs of the college. The unit is committed to a crime free environment with buildings and grounds maintained at a level conducive to supporting a high quality instructional environment and is committed to meet all appropriate safety codes and requirements. The unit is also responsible for administering a comprehensive array of personnel services to ensure compliance with federal and state guidelines, and furthermore to administer these services in recognition of human dignity and the value of each individual as a part of the college community. The unit coordinates budgeting activities as well as purchasing, auxiliary services, telephone, and postal services for the college.



Facilities Request

Walters State Community College has facilities available for special events, corporate and non-profit meetings. Faculty, staff and student clubs wishing to use facilities for academic and non-academic use of the college and members of the public or public groups who would like to use campus buildings or outdoor areas during regular scheduled work hours or off-hours must obtain an application from the Division of Business and Finance Office.

Forms may be downloaded from the list below or a hard copy may be obtained by contacting Lynn Hamer.




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Vice President for Business and Finance Office and Treasurer of the Walters State Foundation