Reverse Transfer


Reverse Transfer is a process that allows a student who completed a minimum of 15 hours at a participating Tennessee two-year institution and transferred to a participating Tennessee four-year institution to combine college credits from both institutions and apply them toward an associate degree. To gather more information regarding the Reverse Transfer program in Tennessee please visit Reverse TN Transfer Pathway.


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Reverse Transfer Agreements

Tennessee Reverse Transfer is a joint venture of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), the University of Tennessee System (UT), Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association (TICUA) and Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) to make it possible for students who transfer from Tennessee community colleges to four-year institutions to receive an associate degree when requirements are met.

Walters State has completed reverse transfer agreements with ETSU, MTSU, King University and Tusculum college, but as of Fall 2015 with the creation of a state wide reverse transfer initiative, all TBR and UT system schools as well as many TICUA colleges are now able to participate with WSCC in assisting students with reverse transfer.



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Questions about Reverse Transfer?

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