Administrative Office Listing

Walters State College is committed to helping students succeed in their education and fostering regional growth. They offer affordable and excellent educational programs tailored to the needs of East Tennessee residents. Below is a helpful directory of administrative offices available at Walters State College.

Academic Affairs
Fosters student engagement and exploration within various fields of study through faculty interaction, course content, and co-curricular activities.

All things related to the Senators, sports, championships and athletics programs offered at Walters State. 

Business and Finance Office
Oversees policies, procedures, operations, and services related to facilities management, human resources, campus police, fiscal services, expo center, technology, and budgeting.

College Advancement
Supports the college president in providing affordable and quality higher education opportunities to the residents of upper East Tennessee.

Facilities Management
Provides health, safety and maintenance services to the Walters State facilities.

Human Resources
Human Resources supports the college by hiring, training, evaluating, and counseling employees.

IDEAS plans, coordinates, delivers, and assesses professional development and training for faculty in teaching and learning technologies.

Informational and Educational Technologies
IET provides and manages computer systems, software, and networks for the college's operations.

Internal Auditing
Supporting the college in achieving its risk management, control and governance process goals through a systematic approach.

Office of the President
Provides leadership for the entire institution, including all major units and sub-units.

Strategic Communications and Effectiveness
Supports the college in communications, marketing, compliance, grants, and printing.

Student Services
Offers development and leadership programs that cater to students personal, social, and emotional needs.

Workforce Training
Provides a variety of noncredit courses for personal and professional development.