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2023 - 2024 SGA Council


Melody Hawkins, President

Melody Hawkins

Hello everyone, my name is Melody Hawkins. I am a social work major, and I am currently serving as president of SGA. This position has been a very positive experience for me because it has allowed me to create long-lasting relationships with students and staff. There are also other academic and extracurricular activities at Walters State in which I am involved, such as being Phi Theta Kappa's vice president for East Tennessee, vice president of leadership at Walters State, and vice president of the Senators Central Navigators. Involvement is something I always advocate for because it leads to making new connections and creates an opportunity to give everyone a voice.



Chelsea Carpenter, Vice President

Chelsea Carpenter
Vice President

My name is Chelsea Carpenter, and I am the vice president of SGA. I will be receiving my associate’s degree in psychology this fall and I plan to work towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology one day. My goals for being in the SGA are to help make your time at Walters State more engaging. I have two children who are my motivation for paving the way for a more accessible experience at Walters State. I look forward to meeting you and discussing any questions or suggestions that you may have.



Joshua Brantley, Secretary/Treasurer

Joshua Brantley

My name is Josh Brantley, and I am serving as the 2023-2024 SGA secretary/treasurer. I am currently a third semester nursing student graduating in May 2024. I am also involved with other extracurricular activities here at Walters State such as Student Nurses Association and Phi Theta Kappa. Being involved with these clubs and organizations has opened the door to numerous opportunities and connections with students and staff. This is my second year with SGA, and I could not be more excited.



Yadira Hernandez, Sophomore Class Representative

Yadira Hernandez
Sophomore Class Representative

My name is Yadira Hernandez Jose, and I am the sophomore representative. I am a psychology major.  My goal for SGA is to do something that contributes to my school and for students to have a good time. 



Kylie Keffer, Niswonger Campus Representative

Kylie Keffer
Niswonger Campus Representative

My name is Kylie Keffer, and I am the Niswonger Campus representative. My major is nursing, and I am currently in the program on the Niswonger campus. One thing that I am looking forward to in SGA this year is being part of all the campus events and meeting more of the student body. 



Abbie Fultz Claiborne County Campus Representative

Abbie Fultz
Claiborne County Campus Representative

I am Abbie Fultz, and I am the Claiborne County Campus representative for Walters State SGA. My major is currently agriculture. I hope to be a county extension agent with an ag education degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am so excited to see all the advancements SGA is able to accomplish this year. 





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