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Weather Related Information

Student Information
press 1 - Weather Related Cancellations

Sevier County Campus
press 7 - Weather Related Updates

Niswonger Campus
press 7 - Weather Related Closings

Claiborne County Campus
press 7 - Weather Related Updates

Station Alerts


  • WGRV AM 1340
  • WIKQ FM 103.1
  • WSMG AM 1450


  • WDKW FM 95.7
  • WIMZ FM 103.5
  • WIVK FM 107.7
  • WJXB FM 97.5
  • WNML AM 99.0
  • WNML FM 99.1
  • WOKI FM 98.8


  • WCRK AM 1150
  • WMTN AM 1300
  • WJDT FM 106.5
  • WBGQ FM 100.7


  • WLIK AM 1270
  • WNPC AM 1060


  • WRGS FM 94.5
  • WEYE FM 104.3


  • WSEV FM 105.5


  • WNTT AM 1250

Tri Cities

  • WRZK FM 95.9
  • WTFM FM 98.5
  • WVEK FM 102.7

Students and employees are requested to check for updated messages once a decision has been made because on occasion, due to an unexpected and sudden change in the weather and road conditions, a decision is modified. In all instances decisions are made with the safety of students and employees foremost in consideration but with an attempt to have classes if possible. However, on a day or evening when classes are being conducted and weather conditions are questionable, students are advised to use individual judgment on whether or not to attend classes. Students will be provided an opportunity to make up work missed for absences incurred for days when conditions are questionable but classes are meeting.

Cancellation of Classes due to Weather or Road Conditions

For information related to the cancellation of classes due to inclement weather, please check the following for announcements:

  • WS Web Site
    Alerts will appear at the top of the home page and are only visible if there is an active alert. Please refresh the page to check again or check the Campus Alerts page.
  • WS Campus Alerts
    These are the alerts that appear on the home page. If there are currently no active alerts, the page will show "0 total alerts". Please refresh the page to check again.
  • WS Facebook
  • WS Twitter
  • Senators Emergency Text (SET)
  • Call for Weather Related Information
    see weather related information at right for contact information
  • Monitor Local TV & Radio Stations for weather-related announcements
    see station alerts at right for the full list of participating stations


Classes Canceled
No classes are held at the campus/es or other teaching site/s as posted. Administrative offices are open but may be delayed or abbreviated. Employees should consult the college website for detailed information.
Classes Delayed
Classes will begin at the time designated on the college website, Classes scheduled within the announced delay will meet. For example, if classes are designated to begin at 10 a.m., classes regularly scheduled to begin at 9:35 a.m. and end at 11 a.m. will meet beginning at 10 and ending at 11 a.m. Classes will meet as normally scheduled during the remainder of the day.
Classes Relocated
Classes are relocated to another site due to an isolated incident; please check the college website for further guidance.
Classes Temporarily Suspended
Classes are not being held due to an isolated incident; please check the college website for further guidance.
College Closed
No classes are held and administrative and academic offices are closed.
Day Classes
Classes beginning before 4 p.m.
Evening Classes
Classes beginning at 4 p.m. and after.


Dual Enrollment

High school students taking dual enrollment classes, please follow the following instructions based on where your dual enrollment classes meet.

Classes meet on the high school campus:

Note: Due to instructor schedules on the college campuses, dual enrollment classes taught by college faculty will not meet when the high school is on a delayed schedule if the classes are regularly scheduled before the delay begins. For example, if a dual enrollment class regularly meets at 8:00 a.m., and the high school is on a two-hour delay, the dual enrollment class will not meet that day.

Classes meet on the college campus:

  • Note specific delays/cancellations that pertain to the campus where the dual enrollment class meets.
  • Follow general academic continuity policy regarding college classes.
  • Consult eLEARN for information and/or assignments.
  • Contact the instructor via voicemail on the instructor’s office phone or through instructor’s preferred method of contact, as listed in the syllabus, if eLearn access is unavailable.

Classes are online:

  • Continue class as usual if the college is closed.
  • Contact the instructor via voicemail on the instructor’s office phone or through instructor’s preferred method of contact, as listed in the syllabus, if eLEARN access is unavailable.

Snow and Ice Clearance Schedule

Morristown Campus Snow Removal Map

In order to facilitate safe vehicular and pedestrian movement on college property during periods of inclement weather, Walters State maintains a systematic schedule for clearing snow and/or ice and salting, if necessary, campus walkways, parking lots, and roadways. The priority of work for the various areas of college property is as follows: (1) primary walkways, (2) roadways, (3) parking lots, and (4) secondary walkways.

As a safety precaution, students, faculty, and staff should use the primary walkways to access college facilities.

Normally, the primary walkways will be cleared and, if necessary, salted prior to the start of the day’s classes. In addition, continuous related maintenance efforts will be provided throughout the day for as long as conditions remain such that re-icing could occur.