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Dual Enrollment College Program


Distance Education

Walters State Community College and service area school systems have partnered to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree and/or college credits simultaneously. The program provides a variety of learning options related to a range of careers for students who are ready to accept the challenge of college level classes. Many students will choose to simply take a few dual enrollment classes, while others will make the commitment to obtain an associate degree while in high school.

For more information on Dual Enrollment College, contact the Division of Distance Education at 423.585.6996.


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What is the Eligibility Criteria for Dual Enrollment College?
Students must have completed the sophomore year in high school.
Students must have a letter grade of “B” or a numerical average of “88” or a minimum high school un-weighted GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or an ACT Composite of 21.
Students must be recommended by the high school principal and counselor.
Students must meet the ACT sub-score requirement(s) for the program.
Students must provide their own transportation.
Students need to demonstrate the maturity to cope with the freedom of a college campus.
What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment College?
Get a head start on college by enrolling in dual enrollment courses
Receive an associate degree along with a high school diploma
Explore a variety of careers and opportunities, including mentoring by college students, counseling services, tutoring, clubs, and recreation
Enjoy the benefits of small class size and intergenerational learning
Potential to receive the dual enrollment grant to help pay for tuition costs
What is the Cost?

Tuition costs will be based on the current tuition schedule determined by the Tennessee Board of Regents in July of each year. Textbooks may be purchased new or used, or may be rented through the Walters State Bookstore.

Click here for more information on the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

Dual Enrollment College Application Process

Please Submit the Following:

Application Packets

Students must complete and submit a Dual Enrollment College Application Packet and a Dual Enrollment Permission Form.

Dual Enrollment College Application Packet

Dual Enrollment Permission Form

Packets can also be obtained from your guidance counselor, the Coordinator of Distance Education, or your respective campus Dual Enrollment representative.

Application Forms

Students must complete Dual Enrollment forms and apply for the dual enrollment grant each semester.

Immunization Health History Form

Dual Enrollment Grant

Forms can also be obtained from the Coordinator of Distance Education or from your campus advisor.

High School Transcripts

Submit the Transcript Request to your guidance department. Transcripts should include the Gateway Test scores and TCAP writing scores (if tests have been taken)

Test Scores

Submit a recent ACT or SAT score (within the last three years). If you have not taken the ACT test, you are encouraged to register to take the test on one of the national test dates. Registration forms and information may be obtained from your guidance office.

Students must present minimum sub-scores to enroll in college level courses as stated in the college catalog: {Example: ENGL 1010, student must have both an English sub score of 18 and Reading sub score of 19}.

Letters of Recommendation

A school-level recommendation from the high school principal and counselor must accompany the student’s Dual Enrollment College Application.

Letter of Recommendation Form


Submit a one page narrative with cover sheet describing why you feel the Dual Enrollment College Program is right for you and how you intend to manage the rigor of college level coursework. Include your career goals as well as a descrip­tion of your current extra-curricular activities, employment and/or your degree program of interest. Use a cover sheet which includes your name, address, phone number where you may be contacted, and your social security number.

Complete Student Orientation

Complete mandatory New Student Orientation.

Next Steps

When your dual enrollment program application file is complete, the Coordinator of Distance Education will review your submission and process your application.

Once your application is approved, you will be informed of your acceptance into the Dual Enrollment College program. At that time, an advising appointment will be scheduled to meet with the Student Success Center or your campus advisor.

Dual Enrollment College students are required to meet with the Coordinator of Distance Education or advisor twice per semester to ensure you remain on target to obtain your degree.