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Dual Enrollment Program


Morristown Campus, Division of Distance Education

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The Dual Enrollment Program is a state-approved, cooperative community venture provided by Walters State Community College. Dual Enrollment offers qualified high school students the opportunity to receive college credit at a relatively low cost while they complete their secondary education. It is designed to supplement and enrich students' high school experiences by providing access to collegiate education without interrupting their normal high school activities. The program has been successfully implemented in 24 school systems within the Walters State service area. Earned credits transfer to two-year and four-year accredited institutions from Walters State according to the discretion of the receiving institution.


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What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment?
Students jump start their college experience and accelerate their college education.
Students can earn transferable college credit(s).
Students are intellectually and academically challenged.
Students have access to collegiate education without interrupting normal high school activities.
Students earning 12 credit hours or more can be eligible for a high school diploma of distinction at their respective high school and a Walters State Promise Scholarship.
What are the entrance requirements?
Admission to the Dual Enrollment Program is available only to junior and senior students from state approved high schools or home school agencies that have distinguished themselves by high academic achievement.
Students must have a high school GPA of 3.0+ (letter grade of "B" - a numerical average of "88") OR an ACT composite of 21.
Students enrolling in English Composition sequence or in a college level mathematics course must have appropriate placement levels as determined by the Office of Enrollment Services.
Example: To register for ENGL 1010, student must meet or exceed both English sub score of 18 and Reading sub score of 19 on tests such as the ACT / ASPIRE). For more information, please view course descriptions for WSCC.
How do I apply for Dual Enrollment?
Complete Walters State Dual Enrollment application and an Immunization Health History Form.
Submit a completed WSCC Dual Enrollment Program Enrollment Permission form each academic term enrolled (high school principal or counselor, student, and parent signature required).
Submit valid placement test scores.
Examples of appropriate placement tests are ACT / ASPIRE. Test scores are valid if earned within the past 3 years.
Complete the appropriate Dual Enrollment Packet from your high school guidance counselor.
What courses can I take as a Dual Enrollment Student?
Dual Enrollment students may take any class for which they meet the prerequisites and/or eligibility requirements. For a complete list of available general education courses, please click here to visit the catalog.

Fall 2019
Applying to the Dual Enrollment Program

If you need additional information, please call 423.585.2687

All Students

Students must be classified as a junior or senior during the 2018-2019 school year.

Student/Parent Handbook - Fall 2019

New and Returning Dual Enrollment Students
brand new student with no prior attendance or previously attended with lapse of enrollment

In addition to the steps all students must follow for admittance into the Dual Enrollment Program, new and returning students must first apply to Walters State.

Apply to Walters State
Submit an Application Online and
complete the Immunization Health History Form

Steps to Enrollment—can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook - Spring 2019

All Dual Enrollment Students:
New, Returning, and Continuing
brand new student with no prior attendance, previously attended with lapse of enrollment, and consecutive enrollment students

Enrollment Permission Form

Complete the Program Enrollment Permission Form for Dual Enrollment – Fall 2019

Apply for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

The Dual Enrollment Grant program is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. This program provides opportunities for students to begin working toward a college degree, while still pursuing a high school diploma, and encourages post-secondary education and the acceleration of post-secondary attainment.

Dual Enrollment Grant Instructions and FAQ—can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook - Fall 2019

Pay Fees & Tuition

Calculating Your Fees—can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook - Fall 2019

Fee Waiver Discount

Financial Responsibility Statement—can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook - Fall 2019

Spring 2019
Dual Enrollment Program

Getting Started with Dual Enrollment

Student Accounts

What to Expect Next