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Faculty + Staff

"Miki" Michelle Mitrik
RHiTA Lead Faculty, English as a Second Language Coordinator and Associate Professor of Spanish
Morristown Campus

Erika D. Stevens, EdD
Lead Faculty of Foreign Language and Associate Professor of Spanish
Sevierville Campus

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Online Spanish Dictionary

Study Spanish

SPAnish LEarn it ONline

Tennessee Foreign Language Teacher's Association

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

vista Student Companion Site

Learning a foreign language enriches the students' educational experience, makes them more culturally aware, and better prepares them for functioning in today's global society.

Associate of Arts in Foreign Language
French - German - Spanish

The Associate of Arts in Foreign Language (French, German, or Spanish) seeks to reveal how other peoples express, interpret and live out their personal existences through their language and culture.

A.A. in Foreign Language (French, German, or Spanish) Curriculum

A.A. in Foreign Language TTP Curriculum

Courses Offered


  • FREN 1010 Elementary French I *
  • FREN 1020 Elementary French II *
  • FREN 2010 Intermediate French I*
  • FREN 2020 Intermediate French II *


  • GERM 1010 Elementary German I *
  • GERM 1020 Elementary German II *
  • GERM 2010 Intermediate German I *
  • GERM 2020 Intermediate German II *


  • SPAN 1000 Beginning Conversational Spanish I
  • SPAN 1001 Beginning Conversational Spanish II
  • SPAN 1005 Spanish Communications for the Hospitality Industry
  • SPAN 1006 Spanish Communication for Healthcare Workers
  • SPAN 1010 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN1020 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 2900 Problems and Topics in Spanish Studies

Consult the current college catalog for course descriptions and details.

*French and German classes may be offered when a significant number of students express interest in the course. This is determined on a semester-by-semester basis.

Non Credit Courses:

Walters State Community College offers a few non-credit courses in Medical Spanish and Spanish in the workplace. For more information contact the Department of Community and Economic Development at 423-585-6756 or

Spanish Certificate

Academic Certificate in Spanish

The development of communication skills in Spanish is enhanced through the use of iPads, experiences in the community, films, and other cultural activities.

Tutoring is a free service offered to Walters State students. Free tutoring is available each semester. For more information please visit the tutoring office.

Contact the Lead Faculty for Foreign Languages, if interested in French or German or SPAN 2900 classes.

Spanish Placement Options

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Students who are native speakers or who have taken Spanish in the past or have a strong foundation in Spanish can apply for PLA. Students must complete a PLA application and complete either a Departmental Exam or an External Exam.

Prior Learning Assessment

Departmental Exam

Students must complete a PLA application and pay a $25 fee per class of which they are attempting to test out. They then take a placement test with one of the professors who will proctor the test, grade it, and discuss placement with the student. Students must score 75% or higher on the test to pass. While students do have a reported grade for the test, the grade does not appear on the student’s transcript. Students receive credit hours, but the grade does not appear on the transcript nor does it impact GPA.

External Exam – CLEP Test for Spanish

This exam will allow students to receive credit for 0, 6, or 12 hours depending on how they score on the test. Students receive credit hours, but no grade so it will not impact GPA. There is a testing fee from CLEP and from the WSCC testing center for this test.

CLEP Exams

Placement Test

Students who are native speakers or who have taken Spanish in the past can schedule a placement test with one of the Spanish professors. This may also include a short oral interview in Spanish. Immediately after completing the test and/or interview, students will be advised as to which level of Spanish would be best for them to enter. This is an option if a student does NOT need to show credit for previous semesters of Spanish. For example, majors requiring all four semesters of a foreign language like AA English, would not be able to place up using this test.

Challenge Test

Students currently enrolled in a Spanish class who are native speakers or who have taken Spanish in the past can contact their instructor requesting to schedule a challenge test for the class in which they are enrolled. These students can take the final exam during the first two weeks of class. If their score on the exam is acceptable to both the student and professor, then the student stays registered in the class, but does not have to attend nor complete any further assignments. The student will receive the grade that they earned on the final exam as their final class grade, which will be factored into their GPA.

Contact the Lead Faculty for Foreign Languages if you have any questions.