Coming to Campus

Returning to campus this spring will be a little bit different. We are working to keep our campus community safe and have implemented a few new processes.

Campus Entrances

Regardless of which building your class is located, you must enter through one of these designated entrances at each campus.

Look for the Walters State banner at each of the campuses entrance points

Morristown Campus

CCEN | Front Entrance
Dr. Jack E. Campbell College Center

LIB | Lower-level Entrance
R. Jack Fishman Library

Claiborne County Campus

WSCE | Front Entrance
Main Campus Building

Niswonger Campus

WSGC | Main Entrance
Main Campus Building

Sevier County Campus

KOH | North Entrance
Kile-Ogle Hall

Campus Appointments

All on-campus services are available by appointment only.

Services that will be available by appointment at the Morristown Campus include the following:

To make an appointment for student services at one of Walters State’s other campus sites, call or email the campus directly:

Spring 2021 Class Formats

We are offering several types of classes for spring semester. Find your class format on your class schedule.


Conventional Courses

Courses meet “face-to-face” for lecture and/or lab instruction; however, some course materials/activities may be online and require some Internet access. Online components may include access to course content, course notes, resources, and assessments. Times and room numbers will be listed and provided in students' schedules.


WEB-based Courses

These classes are 100% online, web-based with no on-ground or real-time, live meeting requirements. Please see Student Responsibilities in Taking an Online Course. No room or time is listed in the students' schedules.

Web Lab

Students will not come to campus. Work is online and uses simulations, etc.


Hybrid Courses

Required scheduled real-time, live instruction. These classes indicate that there will be an opportunity for students to come to campus. Professors may develop a rotating schedule if the desire to be on campus exceeds room capacity. Times and room numbers are listed in the students' schedules. A hybrid class may only be on-ground for orientations and/or proctored exams, please check the CRN course notes for these details. Students should log in to their eLEARN account a few days prior to the first day of class for orientation instructions. In-person/on-ground meeting dates will be established and communicated by the instructor to the students in eLEARN throughout the semester.

Hybrid Lab

Students must come to campus to complete labs in-person. Faculty will work with legitimate inabilities to get to campus as they arise. Online experiments may also be used.


Video Streaming Courses

Video streaming courses (TWY) follow traditional class meeting schedules, while providing students the opportunity to attend class sessions at one of Walters State’s four campuses in Greeneville, Sevierville, Tazewell or Morristown). Video streaming courses are good choices for students who may be unable to travel to one particular campus for a particular course. Instructors can deliver instruction from any of the four campuses to students at the other three campuses. Students at the distance locations can see and interact with the instructor and students at other sites via closed circuit television technology. Times and room numbers will be listed and provided in students' schedules.


Virtual Video Courses

Required real-time, live instruction. These classes indicate that there will not be an opportunity for students to come to campus - all meetings will be virtual (via Zoom, Teams, etc.) A time is listed in the students' schedules, but no room number is listed.


Students will not come to campus but some of the labs will be completed in real-time, virtual class settings using Teams or Zoom. Online experiments may also be used. 

RD1 Web-based/Online

TN eCampus Courses

This is a course through TN eCampus. Additional fees and proctored exams may apply. These classes are 100% online, web-based with no on-ground or virtual  (Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting,etc.) meeting requirements. These classes take place in a different Learning Management System and not Walters State’s eLEARN. This course may require on-site or virtual proctoring that utilizes an online proctoring platform. No room or time is listed in the students' schedules.