Multidisciplinary Research

Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Science at Walters State

This initiative was established in 2011 to generate interest among students and faculty to conduct research by combining many fields of study.

While Walters State is a learning-centered college, many faculty conduct and publish research to advance scholarship in their respective disciplines. Faculty research not only enhances student learning but also promotes the importance of scholarship among students. Though Walters State’s Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Sciences (MRAS), faculty guide students through the basics of research methods. MRAS also encourages research and scholarship across all disciplines.

Our Goals:

  • To encourage, promote, and support scholarship and research through collaborations at state, national, and international level.
  • To provide students with opportunities to apply subject knowledge to real-life applications.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary and cross-curriculum studies.
  • To establish educational and training programs.
  • To disseminate work through published research, newsletters, conferences, and initiate media related programs.
  • To initiate collaborative advanced degrees.




Confact Information

Professor Eugene de Silva M.S., MBA, M. Prof., Ph.D., C.Sci., C.Chem, FRSC., C.Phys, FInstP, F.I.Chem.C., FRSA, F.Prof.B.T.M.,C.Prof. B.T.M., F.I.Manf., C.I.Manf., F.I.M.S, C.I.M.S. Fulbright Specialist, Professor of Physics and Chemistry.

Office:  423.585.6890
Email:  eugene.desilvaFREEWS