DSST Examinations (formerly DANTES)

The DSST Subject Standardized Tests (DANTES) for which Walters State Community College awards credit are listed below.


DSST Subject Standardized Tests

Name of Dantes (DSST) Exam Rubric and WSCC Course Number
Human Resource Management

MGMT 2570

Ethics in America PHIL 2400

Introduction to Business

BUSN 1010

Principles of Financial Accounting

ACCT 1010

Principles of Public Speaking

SPCH 1010

Fundamentals of College Algebra

MATH 1710

Principles of Statistics

MATH 1530

Introduction to Computing

INFS 1010

Art of the Western World

ARTH 2010

Lifespan Developmental Psychology

PSYC 2130




DSST Program