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Degree Works FAQ

What is Degree Works?
Degree Works is an online tool for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion.
What is a degree evaluation?
A degree evaluation is a review of past and current coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding graduation requirements. It can be used as a tool to plan and track a student’s progress toward earning a degree or certificate. The degree evaluation can be used as part of advising sessions with academic advisors to determine course selections and confirm graduation requirements.
How to access Degree Works?
Login to your My WS account and click on the Degree Works icon.
How is a Degree Works audit different from a transcript?
A degree audit is an unofficial document and can be viewed as a tool to provide academic information related to degree progress and help students plan their academic schedules.  A degree audit is not an official academic transcript. 
How current is Degree Works audit information?
The information/data is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (grade changes, classes added/dropped, etc.) will be seen on the audit tomorrow.
When should a student look at a Degree Works audit?
  • Before meetings with an academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming term.
  • Before registration to plan courses for the term.
  • After registration to ensure that selected courses apply to the program appropriately.
  • After grades for each term are posted.
  • Before the student files an application for graduation, review the academic record.
  • Any time changes are made to the schedule.
How to view a list of all of the classes taken?
On the Degree Evaluation tab, click on the Class History link for a printable list of completed   and in-progress courses. As a reminder, this is not an official transcript.
Are grades visible on the degree audit?
Yes.  Once grades have been processed at the end of each term, they are viewable on the degree audit.
If a student withdraws from a class, will that be reflected on the audit?
Yes.  Courses from which a student has withdrawn will appear in the Insufficient Block located at the bottom of the audit and will be indicated with a "W" grade. 
What does the @ symbol mean?
If the @ sign appears with course numbers after it (i.e., @ 1000-2999), this means that the student can take a 1000-2999 level course from any subject area.  If it appears after a subject prefix (i.e., MATH @), it means that the student can take any MATH course.
Why do some classes not count in the degree evaluation?
  • Courses Not Applicable to Program of Study: This area contains courses that are passed or registered college level courses, but are not required for the major.
  • Insufficient: This area is a list of courses that do not meet academic requirements (failed courses, repeats, withdrawals, etc.).
  • Not Counted: This area contains Learning Support classes.
What does In-Progress mean?
These are courses that are registered for but have not yet received grades.  They could be courses in the present or future.
Can a degree audit be printed?
Yes, there are two ways to print a degree audit: 1) click the "Print" button located in the bar at the top of the page or 2) click “Save as PDF” on the Degree Evaluation tab and print.
Who does a student contact to change a major?
If the major that is displaying in the Degree Evaluation needs to be updated, contact Student Enrollment Services at 423.585.2685 or via email at admissionsFREEWS for further information. can also change a major by logging into their MyWS account


Using the What-If feature

What is the What-If feature?
The What-If degree evaluation will show what coursework is required if a student is thinking of switching majors, what courses must be taken to those satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left to take. Choosing the What-if feature will not change the major- it is for information purposes only. 
Can a What-If scenario be saved?
No. What-If evaluations are not saved on Degree Works.  A new What-If scenario must be run each time a student logs in.
If a student likes what’s on the What-If scenario, how are the changes made?
The student should speak with an academic advisor first, and then the advisor can assist the student with completing the online change of major form. 
Can I see a four-semester plan of my courses? 
Yes. This is called a Student Education Plan (SEP.)  Students can log into MyWS and choose Degree Works.  There is a tab at the top that says “Plan.”  A student’s advisor will be able to assist in creating the plan and updating it each semester.