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The College Experience and The Freshman Experience

The College Experience (3 credit hours) and the Freshman Experience (1 credit hour) form the springboard for the continual processes of personal, intellectual, and academic development. The courses are designed to assist in orientation to all areas of academic life: institutional expectations; reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills; test-taking strategies; note taking; professional and peer counseling; and campus resources.

The College Experience
EDUC 1030 (3 credit hours)

The Freshman Experience
EDUC 1010 (1 credit hours)


Service Learning

Graduates of Walters State's Pre-teacher Education Program participate in 18-54 hours of Service Learning. This program allows our students to gain hands-on learning experience while providing the K-12 schools in our ten county region with classroom volunteers. The focus of our Service Learning Program is on literacy training for students in K-12 education. Students in Early Childhood Education (birth to age eight) complete an initial practicum of 45 clock hours and later a final practicum of 90 clock hours. Participation in a service learning event or practicum requires proof of liability coverage. This coverage can be acquired on campus as a benefit of STEA membership. An additional requirement for participation in a service learning event or practicum is a standard FBI/TBI Background Check.

Criminal Background Check Requirements

Walters State education majors having contact with or who are in proximity to children related to classroom (service learning, etc) are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to placement. How to complete the criminal background check requirements.





EDUC 2300

Enrollment in EDUC 2300 Introduction to Education requires an ACT composite of 21 or greater OR passed Praxis Core scores.