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Walters State offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Science in Teaching degrees for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. To make transferring as seamless as possible, Walters State students have a guarantee that their credits will transfer to a public university in Tennessee through the Tennessee Transfer Pathway program. Walters State also has articulation and direct transfer agreements and course equivalency tables with numerous private colleges and universities.


Articulation/Transfer Plans

Moving from the First Step to Finishing a Bachelor’s Degree

The terms articulation, direct transfer, and course equivalencies are used interchangeably within the TBR system and other private four-year institutions to communicate transfer issues. Walters State has addressed the need for specific definitions for terms involving transfer. Walters State defines the terms in the following ways:

TBR Community College Tennessee Transfer Pathway


Guarantee that your credits will transfer to a public university in Tennessee if you choose any one of 50 different majors offering transfer pathways.

Articulation Agreements


A specific program-by-program agreement between a community college and a university which the student signs during the first year. This agreement forms a contract between the student and the four-year institution. Walters State has published articulation agreements with ETSU and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In order for articulation to be completed, all courses must be finished, and students must graduate from WSCC. An Intent to Articulate form must be signed and submitted to the Office of Student Success Advising Center.

Course Equivalency Tables


A matrix between the community college and the university which identifies on a course-by-course basis what the university will accept in transfer.

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TTP information, Walters State's latest articulation agreements and other materials about transfer are available in the Student Success Advising Center. Please contact the office with any transfer issues.

CCEN 222
Student Success Advising Center
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