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Deferred Payment Plan


Cashier's Office
U159 | SSB
Morristown Campus

All charges for tuition/fees are due and payable in full upon registration. As an alternative to paying tuition/fees in full by the published fee payment deadlines, WSCC offers a deferred payment plan for students in good financial standing with WSCC.

Deferred Payment Plan Overview

The deferred payment plan allows students to make a down payment plus pay a $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) and defer the remaining balance to be paid in future installments. (See payment plan options in MyWS). Additionally, the student may choose to schedule future installments to be automatically withdrawn from a checking/savings account/automatically charged to a credit card, pay installments online through MyWS, or in person to a cashier located on a WSCC campus during business hours.

Successful Payment Plan Setup

Successfully setting up a deferred payment plan prior to the fee payment deadline for a term confirms the student’s registration for the term and secures a seat in the courses registered for the term.

WSCC defines “successfully setting up a deferred payment plan” as the down payment and the $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) clears as “good funds”; not returned or rejected for any reason such as insufficient funds.

Down Payment

During the creation process, the student/authorized user makes the down payment and pays the $25.00 service fee (non-refundable).

The down payment and the $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) automatically posts real-time to the student account and is viewable on the student account.

Email Confirmation

Students receive an e-mail confirmation through Senators Mail upon the completion of creating a deferred payment plan.

Authorized Users also receive an e-mail confirmation through their designated e-mail address.

Account Holds

BI Hold Designation

A “BI” hold designating the student is in an “active payment plan” is placed on all students participating in a payment plan.

This hold allows students to drop/add classes but holds grades, transcripts, and graduation until the remaining balance is paid in full.

Students’ whose payment plan is in good standing (installment payments up to date) are allowed to participate in future term registrations without restrictions. However, students may not create a payment plan for a future term if their current payment plan is not paid in full.

BT Hold Designation

If a participant fails to pay installments in compliance with the agreement, a “BT” hold is placed on the student identifying the student as ineligible to participate in a deferred payment plan in future terms.

Authorized Users

Students may allow a parent, a guardian, or a non-student party access to create a deferred payment plan on their behalf by granting the individual the rights as an “authorized user”.

Once a student creates an authorized user, the Authorized User receives credentials allowing access to the student’s account online for fee payment or creating a deferred payment plan. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the student controls the access granted to an Authorized User.

Authorized User Payment

How to Set Up an Authorized User

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the student is the only individual that may create an “authorized user and is the only individual who controls the access granted to an authorized user.

  • Login to MyWS
  • select Pay Tuition Icon
  • Under the “My Profile Setup” menu located on the right side of the screen, click Authorized Users
  • Click Add Authorized User
  • Enter the e-mail address of the individual you are granting access for.
  • Select the radio button for the access being granted.
  • Click Continue.
  • Accept agreement to add authorized user.

E-mail is sent from the Cashier's Office to Authorized User with instructions.  Also, the student receives an e-mail confirmation through Senators Mail.

Authorized Users may create a deferred payment plan on behalf of the student by following the steps found under Setup a Plan – Option 2.

Setup a Deferred Payment Plan

Participants must read all information carefully before entering into a deferred payment plan agreement. Failure to read and understand the agreement does not prevent collection actions on the part of WSCC.


  • All prior debts must be paid in full
  • No prior payment plan default at WSCC
  • Student registered in current term
  • Term balance for tuition/fees due is equal to or greater than $100.00 after all discounts, financial aid, and other payments (credits) are applied
  • Down payment and $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) successfully processes

Option 1: Online – MyWS

To enroll in a deferred payment plan, the student must:

  • Login to MyWS
  • select Pay Tuition Icon
  • select Enroll in Payment Plan (pink button)
  • select Term from Drop Down Menu; click select
  • Choose a payment plan by either clicking Details or  Select
      Reminder – Choose how to pay installments
    • Option 1: Schedule payments to process installments automatically from a saved payment profile on due date
    • Option 2: Pay installments to a WSCC cashier or online by installment due date.

Option 2: Online – As an Authorized User

To enroll in a deferred payment plan, the authorized user must:

  • Go to
  • Click the Parents & Family link on the right
  • Click Authorized User Payment
  • Enter your credentials and login
  • Select Enroll in Payment Plan (pink button)
  • Select Term from Drop Down Menu; click select
  • Choose a payment plan by either clicking Details or  Select
      Reminder – Choose how to pay installments
    • Option 1: Schedule payments to process installments automatically from a saved payment profile on due date
    • Option 2: Pay installments to a WSCC cashier or online by installment due date.

Option 3: In Person

The Cashier's Office may assist a student in creating a payment plan.

Stop by the Cashier's Office for assistance setting up a payment plan online through MyWS or using “cash” for the down payment and the $25.00 service fee (non-refundable).


Deferred Balance

The balance due remaining after the down payment is made is the amount that is deferred to future installments.

The deferred balance due is divided into installments as set forth in the agreement. The installments are due usually in 30 day increments. For example, January 5, February 5, March 5, etc. The due date of the future installments are scheduled in the agreement. If an installment is due on a weekend date or holiday, the installment due date defers to the next business day. 


Notifications associated with a deferred payment plan are e-mailed to students through Senators Mail and e-mailed to Authorized Users through their designated e-mail address. WSCC is held harmless for failure to receive or read said e-mails.

Payment Processing

Scheduled installment payments are processed automatically in accordance with the agreement.

Non-scheduled installment payments may be paid online through the MyWS portal or the Authorized User link on or before the installment due date. Also, installments may be paid in person with a cashier on any WSCC campus location, where available.

Failure to pay future installments does not nullify the agreement. WSCC does not withdraw the student nor delete the student’s schedule for non-payment of installments.

Missed installments are rolled into remaining future installments.

Outstanding balances remaining after the final installment is due are subject to WSCC’s collections procedures. Students are placed on hold for outstanding balances terminating all rights and privileges with the college until the debt is paid in full. Withholding of services include but not limited to registration, grades, and transcripts.


WSCC accepts the following payments:

  • Cash
  • Paper Check*
    *Personal paper checks presented to the Cashier's Office for payment are converted to an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction.  For reconciliation purposes, these transactions are reflected on the payee's monthly bank statement as an Electronic Debit.  If the payee, for any reason, does not wish for their paper check to be converted to an electronic debit (ACH), the payee must inform the cashier at time of payment or denote it in the memo section found on the front of the paper check.
  • Electronic Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit/Debit Cards (Mastercard/Visa/Discover)
    If you chose to pay in person with a card, the owner of the card must be present and a valid I.D. must be presented prior to a cashier accepting the card for payment.

Service Charges/Finance Charges/Late Fines

A $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) is charged each semester when a deferred payment plan is created.  No additional charges, finance charges, or late fines are incurred associated with the deferred payment plan.

Returned/Rejected Payments

A $30.00 returned payment fine (non-refundable) is charged to the student account for any payment returned/rejected. Returned/rejected payments must be paid with a credit card or cash.

Two returned/rejected payments result in any future payment by check, electronic check, or debit card being denied.

A down payment that is returned/rejected terminates the deferred payment plan.

Prior to Final Fee Payment Deadline

If the down payment returns prior to the final fee payment deadline for the term, students may re-attempt setting up a deferred payment plan prior to the final closing date for the open term. The $25.00 service fee (non-refundable) is only charged once.

If a student fails to pay tuition/fees plus the $30.00 returned payment fine (non-refundable) or set up a deferred payment plan prior to the fee payment deadline for the term, the student's class schedule is deleted for non-payment.

After the Final Fee Payment Deadline

If a student's down payment is returned/rejected after the final fee payment deadline for the term occurs, WSCC sends the student a certified letter through U. S. Postal services granting the student 10 calendar days to either 1) pay tuition/fees in full plus the $30.00 returned fine (non-refundable) or 2) pay the down payment, plus the $25.00 service fee (non-refundable), plus the $30.00 returned fine (non-refundable) and be administratively enrolled in a deferred payment plan.

Failure to take action by the designated date results in the student being administratively withdrawn from all class(es) for the term.

A deferred payment plan is not terminated for returned/rejected installment payments.

The returned installment payment plus the $30.00 returned payment fine (non-refunable) rolls into future remaining installments.  If no future installments remain, WSCC begins the collection process. A hold is placed on the student terminating all services such as registration, grades, transcripts, participating in a deferred payment plan in the future, etc until the debt is paid in full.

Class Changes

Adding a Class(es)/Increases to Debt After Successfully Setting Up a Deferred Payment Plan

Additional courses added or adjustments to schedule of courses resulting in an increase in tuition/fees or balance due, including but not limited to decreases in financial assistance, after a deferred payment plan is successfully created results in the increase in the balance due being divided by remaining installments and increasing future installment amounts.  These adjustments occur automatically. 

Students receive notification of adjustments through an e-mail to Senators mail. 

Authorized Users also receive e-mail notifications of adjustments through their designated e-mail address. 

WSCC is not responsible if students fail to set up their Senators Mail (WSCC's official mode of communication) and fail to read their e-mail messages. WSCC is not responsible if Authorized Users fail to receive or read their e-mail messages.

Swapping Courses/Dropping Courses/Withdrawals

Students who swap a course(s), drop a course(s) or withdraw from the term may still have a balance due for services received under the deferred payment plan as a portion of tuition/fees are deferred to future payments. 

Tuition/fees are adjusted based on established and published refund periods for the term. 

If a student swaps/drops/withdraws after the 100% refund period ends, tuition/fees are reduced in accordance to the refund periods. Thus, future installments are also reduced proportionally. 

Refund Periods

Failure to read or swap/drop/withdraw course(s) prior to reading WSCC’s refund policies and published refund dates does not absolve the student or authorized user from any debt owed to WSCC.

Tuition/fees are calculated based on class(es) registered, not attended. Reductions in tuition/fees only occurs if the newly re-calculated costs are less than the original costs paid, thus, not all swaps/drops/withdrawals result in a reduction of tuition/fees.  Additionally, swapping of course(s) on or after the official start of a semester may result in increased fees, especially, non-refundable fees. 

Tuition and Fees

Withdrawal from all courses does not terminate the deferred payment agreement. Students/authorized users are responsible for paying for all costs associated with the registering of courses based on the date of withdrawal. Tuition/fees are calculated based on class(es) registered and the date of the drop/withdrawal, not attendance.


Refunds (financial aid or institutional) are disbursed to students ONLY after all tuition/fees/deferred charges are paid in full.
Refunds are disbursed in accordance to published dates for the term and disbursed in the following order:

  • First:         
    Payment by card – returned to card
  • Second:
    eRefund profile created – direct deposit
  • Third:       
    Paper check mailed through U. S. postal services to student’s permanent address on file at time of issuance