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Food Expense



Travel Claims

A Travel Claim for travel expenses form must be entered and submitted within fourty-five (45) days after travel is completed. The claim form allows reimbursement to the employee of all allowable expenses.

Once the travel claim has completed the approval process, allow approximately two (2) weeks to process reimbursement. Walters State processes checks on Tuesday and Thursday. Payment will be by direct deposit.

Please review the travel procedures for additional information.

Travel Claim for Mileage
Updated January 2023

Travel Claim for Overnight
Updated January 2023

Travel Authorization

An Authorization for Official Travel form must be processed to obtain prior authorization for an employee to travel. The request must have completed the approval process before the travel begins.

Travel Authorization
Updated April 2023


Do I need to enter my travel authorization in SciQuest?
If your travel meets any of the following criteria, it must be entered in SciQuest:
  • Out-of-State Travel
  • Overnight Stay
  • Includes Conference Fees
  • Grant related travel expense
  • WSCC will be reimbursed by another party
  • Guest of institution
How do I process a travel request or travel claim?
Please refer to Travel Procedures.
What documentation is required with a travel authorization request?
Any available literature regarding the activity, such as a conference brochure indicating room rates and registration information should be submitted with the travel request.
Who must approve my travel request?
Please refer to travel policy for required approvals.
If I list other employees as accompanying me, do they have to submit their own travel authorization?
Yes, each employee traveling must submit his or her own travel authorization requesting approval to travel.
How will I know if my travel authorization request is approved?
For travel entered in SciQuest (Jaggaer), once final approval is received a notice will be sent to the requisitioner.
For travel not entered in SciQuest, those forms are maintained in the department.
Who makes the travel arrangements?
The employee is responsible for making all necessary travel arrangements.
Can I use an internet travel site to book travel arrangements?
Internet travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity or Kayak can be utilized to purchase single travel services such as an airline ticket.
Internet travel sites cannot be used to purchase a package of more than one travel service. Purchases of travel packages that combine services such as lodging, airline, or vehicle rentals are not allowed. These package deals do not usually provide sufficient itemized pricing for each service purchased and therefore do not allow for proper comparison to CONUS or conference rates as required by policy.
How do I reserve a state vehicle?
All state vehicles are reserved through the Motorpool Request form. For questions related to this form, contact Facilities Management office by calling 423.585.6907.

Motorpool Request
Will Walters State prepay any travel expenses?
Walters State will prepay the conference registration fees and airfare when requested by the employee. This can be done by submitting a purchase requisition through SciQuest with the appropriate documentation.
What counties are in the WSCC service and extended service area?
WSCC’s service area includes the counties of Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger, Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson, Sevier and Union. WSCC’s extended service area includes the following counties: Knox, Washington, Sullivan, Carter, Unicoi, and Johnson counties in Tennessee; Lee County, Virginia; Bell and Whitley counties, Kentucky; and Yancey, Mitchell, Haywood, Swain and Madison counties, North Carolina.
When should I file my travel reimbursement request?
Travel claims must be filed within 45 days of travel. If the travel expense is going to be reimbursed by another party (i.e. TBR), the travel claim should be submitted within 14 days of travel.
How do I submit my information for direct deposit?
You must complete the ACH Employee Enrollment Authorization and submit it to Accounts Payable before travel reimbursements will be processed. Please contact Accounts Payable for the form.
Do I need to include my travel authorization with my travel claim?
If the travel authorization was processed through in SciQuest, it does not need to be included. You only need to reference the requisition number assigned to the travel authorization on the travel claim.
If the travel authorization was NOT processed through in SciQuest, it does need to be included. You will need to reference "paper authorization" on the travel claim.
What receipts are required for travel reimbursement?
Receipts are required for lodging.
For telephone/fax/internet charges that are business related a receipt showing the date and the amount is required.
Maximum parking fees of $8 per day are allowed without a receipt.
Shuttle service, limousine service or taxi fares are reimbursable without a receipt for reasonable fares.
When shuttle service rates are printed in the conference brochure reimbursement will be made at the listed rate.
Airport parking is reimbursable at the economy rate only and a receipt is required regardless of the amount claimed.
Baggage fees are reimbursable when necessary and a receipt is required regardless of the amount.
Will I be reimbursed for personal expenses and tips?
Only business related expenses are reimbursable. Reimbursement of incidentals and tips are included in the per diem rates.
Is trip insurance reimbursable?
No, the State of Tennessee is self-insured and does not purchase separate insurance, and, therefore , will not reimburse for insurance purchases made for trips or rental cars.
Is rental car reimbursement available?
Automobile rental is allowed if it is the only practical and economical means of transportation. Automobile rental must be approved in advance.
Who must approve my travel reimbursement claim?
The traveler's department/division head and the appropriate vice president. The president must also sign for out-of-state travel and travel of $1,000+.
What is the mileage reimbursement rate?
The current mileage reimbursement rate is .47 per mile.
What is considered vicinity miles?
Miles driven that exceed allowable point-to-point mileage are considered vicinity. Vicinity miles should be shown separately from point-to-point miles on the Claim for Traveling Expenses and an explanation should be included on the purpose of the vicinity miles. MapQuest must be included for vicinity miles.
When should I include commute miles?
When work is performed by an employee in route to or from the official station, the employee’s normal commute miles should be included.
How much can I claim for meals?
For in-state meal allowances please refer to TBR policy - General Travel
Out-of-state allowance for meals is calculated using rates set by the US General Services Administration and the destination of travel. The CONUS rates are available on the General Services Administration website.
Overnight stay is required for meal reimbursement.
Reimbursement for the day of departure and the day of return shall be seventy-five percent (75%) of the allowable rate.
How much can I claim for lodging?
For in-state lodging allowances please refer to TBR policy - General Travel
Amounts in excess of lodging allowance must be documented by including conference literature/brochure documenting lodging rate.
Out-of-state allowance for lodging is calculated using the CONUS rates are available on the General Services Administration website.