Growth Mindset

About Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset is ". . . when students [understand] that their abilities can be developed" (Dweck 2014).

Our faculty are fostering growth mindset in their classes and modeling growth mindset with their professional development, TBR revitalization grants, classroom design, course design, and student engagement.

Growth Mindset

For more about Growth Mindset, see The Glossary of Education Reform at .

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Growth Mindset Resources

Growth Mindset Website

Growth Mindset website featuring video by Carol Dweck and Resources

UA Growth Mindset and Tool Kit

A Growth Mindset learning strategy toolkit from UA.

Faculty Focus on Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset: Essential for Student and Faculty Success

College STAR Student Support Network

The College STAR network supports students who have learning & attention differences.

Transforming Education Toolkit

Transforming Education website with Growth Mindset tips and tool kit

Mindset Scholars Network

Leveraging mindset science to design educational environments that nurture people’s natural drive to learn.

NASH TS3 Webinars

The TS3 Network hosts monthly webinars.

Motivate Lab

The Motivate Lab researches how people learn and grow and creates solutions for education, personal development, and work.




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