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About Quality Matters

This page provides faculty members with resources to alter their course delivery mode in case of emergency college closure.

Sample QM Course

To see a QM-designed and reviewed course in action, click this link http://elearn.ws.edu/d2l/local (opens in a new window) and use the following log-in information:

"WaltersStateQM" for the Username

"WaltersStateQM" for the Password

You will then be able to view a READ 0800 course designed by Candace Justice and Teresa Smith. This project began as a Gateway grant project and has positively impacted WS and TN eCampus students.

The course is located in lower right under "My Courses."

Courses are always in a state of improvement, but this example demonstrates Quality Matters principles.

QM General Standards:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  3. Assessment and Measurement
  4. Instructional Materials
  5. Course Activities and Learner Interaction
  6. Course Technology
  7. Learner Support
  8. Accessibility and Usability

Much thanks to the faculty who have shared their courses and inspired their colleagues.


Online Teaching Guides

Guidelines for Teaching Online Courses

This document provides recommendations & tips for effective online course delivery & management. Distance Education also recommends faculty teaching online take QM's Teaching Online: An Introduction to Online Delivery (TOL) course.

Card link

Student Responsibilities in Taking and Online Course

This link provides tips and guidelines for student management of an online class. Faculty are encouraged to include the link to the guidelines in their course "Getting Started" module in content.

Card link


QM Reviews

The following Business and Technical Ecuation courses are scheduled for review during the 2023-2024 academic calendar. These courses and faculty have been selected by division deans and department chairs.

Faculty are encouraged to take the Quality Matters APPQMR and DYOC professional development courses prior to a course review. IDEAS also offers 2-day summer training. 

Fall 2023

Faculty Course
Farnood Farmand ECON 2100: Principles of Macroeconomics
Bob Dixon EGRT 2020: Technology and Society
Ryan McMillan LEGL 1300 Intro to Paralegal and Ethics
Joe Fall MGT 1030: Intro to Hospitality Management
Karen Stooksbury EDED 1310: Intro to Early Childhood Education
(Rescheduled BSS review)


Spring 2024

Faculty Course
Riley Denton AGRI 1010: Intro to Ag Business
Joe Cairns CULA 1200: Sanitation and Food Safety
Mark Buckner CITC 1332: UNIX/Linux Operating System
Krystal Piper CITC 2326: Network Security


Summer 2024

Faculty Course
Carrie Davis ACCT 1020: Principles of Accounting II
Evryn Hus ECON 2200: Principles of Microeconomics
Olivia Baxley BUSN 1305: Intro to Business
Box Dixon ENST 1311: Computer Aided Design I
Bronson Shelton ENST 1370: Manufacturing Process


Thanks to all the developers and reviewers for their commitment to student success and teaching excellence.


QM Overview

Quality Matters is a nationally-recognized program for quality assurance and continuous improvement in online and hybrid courses. WSCC is committed to QM standards for student success and teaching excellence. These research-based best practices can enhance any course delivery mode.


Faculty Thoughts About QM



Get Involved & Grow Professionally

WS encourages instructors who design online courses or teach online to take Quality Matters professional development courses. You will find that the QM principles can also positively affect your on-ground classes.

Here are QM's recommendations:

AURS (Accessibility and Readability) is QM's new resource for making your course accessible to all students. This site is free. Just sign up, and you will have access to a great variety of resources including alt text, video captions and audio descriptions, documents in Word, accessible PDF's, hyperlinks, use of color and font, inclusive teaching practices, UDL, and much more. 

Quality Matters - Profesional Development


How to Take a QM Professional Development Course

The college funds QM professional development for both full-time and adjunct faculty. 

  1. Create an account at https://www.qualitymatters.org/qm-membership/faqs/membership/create-myqm-account.

  2. See the Higher Ed workshops at https://www.qualitymatters.org/professional-development/workshops/higher-ed-appqmr.

    The WS-recommended first course is the foundation of Quality Matters: Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR).

  3. Contact Candace Justice for Purchase Order number at candace.justiceFREEWS.
  4. Click on the "Register" button.

  5. Select course from drop-down menu to see date options and seats available.

  6. Register for course and use P0 number (see step 3).

If you are interested becoming a member of a QM review team, contact Kay Heck (kay.heckFREEWS) after you complete APPQMR (Applying the QM Rubric) & PRC (Peer Reviewer Course).


Niswonger Grant-Funded Courses

The following courses were developed and reviewed thanks to a generous grant provided by the Niswonger Foundation:

AGRM 2310 BUSN 1290
BUSN 2370 CITC 1306
CRMJ 1030 - Chad Bryant CRMJ 1040 - Chad Bryant
CRMJ 1050 - Chad Bryant ECED 1310    Intro to Early Childhood Educ
ECED 2310    Safe and Healthy Learning Envr ECED 2390 - Karen Stooksbury
ECED 2312 - Lisa Mandracchia EDUC 1030 - Darlene Smith
ENGL 1010 - Christie Wilson ENGL 1020 - Christie Wilson
ENGL 2110 - Joel Wilson ENGL 2120 - Sherri Jacobs
ENGL 2410 - Lori McCallister ENGL 2420 - Kay Heck
INFS 1010 - Lois Blais HIST 2010 - Tim Holder
HIST 2020 - Darrel McGhee HUM 2010 - Erika Stevens
HUM 2110 - Laura Ritter MATH 1530 - David Atkins
MATH 1710 - Aaron Wilmon MUS 1030 - Laura Ritter
PHIL 2640 - Greg Bock SOCI 1010 - Vivian Gladson
SOCI 1020 - Chris Baker SPAN 1010 - Michelle Mitrik
SPAN 1020 - Erika Stevens THEA 1030 - T. J. Kent


Online Resources


QM Trained Faculty & Staff

List of QM Professional Development Courses Completed by Faculty & Staff

APPQMR (Rubric Course)

DYOC (Designing Your Online Course)

PRC (Peer Reviewer Training)

TOL (Teaching Online)

AAU (Addressing Accessibility & Usability)

For a list of all courses & codes, visit https://www.qualitymatters.org/professional-development/workshops.


Name Courses Completed
Alcorn, Steve APPQMR
Atkins, David APPQMR, DYOC
Austin, Gerald APPQMR
Baker, Chris APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Baxley, Olivia IYOC
Bilotti, Erin APPQMR, PRC, & CO (Canvas Orientation)
Blais, Lois APPQMR
Booker, James TOL
Boren, Courtney APPQMR
Boruff, Staci APPQMR
Bowman, Troy APPQMR, DYOC
Brombach, Cynthia APPQMR, DYBC, CLTTS
Bryant, Chad APPQMR
Cairns, Joe APPQMR
Chandler, Dustin TOL
Coffey, LIsa APPQMR, TOL, MO
Coker, Paul APPQMR
Davis, Carrie APPQMR
Davis, Eva APPQMR, PRC
de Silva, Eugene APPQMR, PRC, DYOC, MRC, RCPR, MRR
de Silva, Eugenie APPQMR, PRC, DYOC, MRC
Deaderick, Cathy APPQMR, PRC
Deeb, Dennis "DJ" APPQMR
Dixon, Jason APPQMR, PRC
Eccles, Lisa APPQMR, DYOC
Elkins, Angela APPQMR, PRC, DYOC, DYBC
Elliott, Kirstin APPQMR
Evans, Amy APPQMR, PRC
Fall, Joe APPQMR
Farmand, Farnood APPQMR
Faust, Tina APPQMR, DYOC
Funke, Michael APPQMR
Fincher, Dustin APPQMR
Garland, Mark APPQMR, DYOC
Goosie, Abigail APPQMR, PRC
Griffin, Mary APPQMR
Harrah, Joe K-12 APPQMR, K-12 Reviewer Course
Hayes, Misty APPQMR
Heck, Kay APPQMR, PRC, DYOC, QM Coordinator Training
Hill, Kenneth APPQMR, PRC
Hodges, Whitney APPQMR
Holder, Timothy APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Howerton, Tera Bunch APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Isasi, Samantha APPQMR
Jacobs, Sherri APPQMR, PRC
Javed, Rubina APPQMR
Jarnagin, Whitney APPQMR. PRC
Jenkins, Cary APPQMR
Johnson, Vicky APPQMR, PRC
Justice, Candace APPQMR
Keck, Elissa APPQMR
Kerney, Seth AAU
Kledzik, Philip APPQMR
LaPrise, John APPQMR
Larson, Jacquelyn APPQMR
Lawrence, Steven QMSS
Lubotina, Paul APPQMR
Ludwig, Paul APPQMR, DYOC
Mandracchia, Lisa APPQMR, DYOC
Manix, Kelly IYOC
Mayes, Jennifer APPQMR, PRC, TOL
McCay, Kenric TOL, OYOL
McCroskey, Erin TOL
McGhee, Darrel APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
McLain, Chippy APPQMR, DYOC
McMahan, Jay TOL
Mefford, Elizabeth TOL
Mills, Jessica APPQMR, TOL, & PRC
Mitrik, Miki APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Nepal, Sandhya APPQMR, TOL
Noe, Russell APPQMR
Owens, Brad APPQMR
Parish, Jane APPQMR, DYOC
Rawlinson, Terry APPQMR
Reeves, John APPQMR
Rice, Crystal APPQMR, DYOC
Ritter, Laura DYOC
Romines, Jill APPQMR
Ross, Amy APPQMR
Rossie, Gracie APPQMR
Rucker, Marty APPQMR
Sayne, Holly APPQMR, DYOC
Seaton, Shannon TOL
Sewell, Tom APPQMR
Smith, Larry APPQMR
Smith, Teresa APPQMR
Spicer-Sutton, Jama APPQMR, DYOC
Stephens, Suzanne APPQMR
Stevens, Erika APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Stewart, Greg APPQMR
Stone, Katherine APPQMR
Stooksbury, Karen APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Todaro, Carla APPQMR, DYOC
Todaro, Paul APPQMR, PRC
Turner, Paul APPQMR, DYOC
Turner, Rebecca APPQMR, DYOC
Van der Laan, Jessie APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Walker, JoAnn APPQMR
Weaver, Elizabeth APPQMR, PRC, DYOC
Webb, Susanna TOL, DYOC
Westwood, Matthew APPQMR, PRC
Williams, Sheila APPQMR, PRC
Williamson, Amber APPQMR
Winkler, Gail APPQMR





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