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Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy
423-798-7950 office
423-798-7959 fax

Holly Turner
Academy Secretary

Travis Stansell
Academy Director

Myles Cook
Training Coordinator


Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy

Walters State Community College
Niswonger Campus
221 N. College Street
Greeneville, TN 37745

Public Safety Center

1609 Walters State CC Drive
Morristown, TN 37813

36.205047, -83.259553

The Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, in compliance with the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission, trains qualified personnel in basic law enforcement procedures and the law of the State of Tennessee through the following programs:

While attending the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education, the attendees can earn college credits toward an Associate of Applied Science degree in Public Safety.

Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy

Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education

Students in a classroomThe Walters State Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education is an intensive nine week, 506 hour course of instruction on basic law enforcement. Upon completion of the academy the student will be awarded the Technical Certificate in Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education and is eligible to apply for certification by the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Commission as a certified peace officer in the state of Tennessee after being employed by a law enforcement agency.

Academy students are required to live at the academy Sunday night through Friday afternoon. During the academy the average day for a student starts at 5:30 AM and does not end until 10:30 PM Monday through Friday.

General Information
Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy

Technical Certificate in Public Safety - Basic Law Enforcement Officer EducationTwenty-three semester hours of college credit will be granted to each student successfully completing the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education.

Academy Dates
Class 127
Jan. 16, 2023 - Mar. 16, 2023

Last day non-departmental applicants may apply Dec. 2, 2022
Interviews: TBD
Orientation (Mandatory attendance):
Jan. 9, 2023

Class 128
April 10, 2023 -June 8, 2023

Last day non-departmental applicants may apply Feb. 3, 2023              
Interviews: TBD
Orientation (Mandatory attendance):
Mar. 31, 2023

Class 129
July 17, 2023 - September 14, 2023

Last day non-departmental applicants may apply Jun. 2, 2023                        
Interviews: TBD
Orientation (Mandatory attendance):
Jul. 10, 2023

Class 130
October 2, 2023 - December 7, 2023


Last day non- departmental applicants may apply Jul. 28, 2023                        
Interviews: TBD
Orientation (Mandatory attendance):
Sep. 22, 2023

Academy Application

Application and acceptance to the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Education is a separate process and must be completed in addition to the WSCC Application.

For a complete academy information packet, visit the apply now page located here and follow all instructions. After reviewing the information packet, if you still have questions please feel free to call 423.798.7990 or423.798.7950 to speak to a member of the academy staff.

apply now


Fee Schedule

Materials List

The successful recruit should come to the academy with and average-to-above average academic ability, similar to the typical college freshman. The successful recruit will start the academy in sufficient physical condition.

The current RLETA program is roughly based on an 800 Meter sprint training program with various strength and conditioning matrixes. Building a program around this idea would create ideal Cadets with excellent anaerobic and aerobic abilities that are well prepared to score well on the 1.5-mile run, 300-meter sprint, 1-minute Push-up test, 1-minute Sit-up test, and an Obstacle/Stress Course.

RLETA suggests that each Cadet be prepared for a weekly volume of:
1200 Meters of Sprinting per week
5 Miles of Running per week
300-400 Pushups per week
300-400 Sit-ups per week

RLETA wishes to use this notice not as a warning, but as a preparatory guide to ensure the success and injury free training for every Cadet.

Specialized Law Enforcement Training Program

Student fires a gun while instructor watches from behindThe Division of Public Safety offers specialized Law Enforcement schools each year, serving upper east Tennessee Law Enforcement Agencies. The courses offered are coordinated with the respective agencies in order to fulfill their training needs.

Specialized Law Enforcement Training Program Schedule

To register, contact Kellie Hendrix at 423.798.7988.

See Schedule and Register for Police In-Service

Defensive and Tactical Driver Training Programs

training car navigates through conesWalters State Community College is recognized as the leader in driver training throughout East Tennessee. Each year, our driver training facility is utilized to train approximately 1,000 civilian and government drivers in the safe operation of motorcycles, police cars, school busses and fire rescue vehicles.

The driver training facility is located at the Public Safety Center less than one mile from WSCC's main campus in Morristown, TN.

    It consists of:
  • a secure five-acre skills pad with elevated observation building
  • an 11-turn road course with off-road recovery area
  • an inventory of 15 training vehicles
  • several-hundred traffic cones and other instructional aids
    This enables us to set up a variety of course configurations and accommodate almost any type of vehicle.
  • A dedicated two-way radio system
    Provides for continuous on-track student/instructor communications.
  • and videotaping of practical exercises may be performed as needed.

Our driver improvement programs are approved by the Tennessee POST Commission and recommended by the State's leading government insurance provider, the Tennessee Municipal League. Our instructors are certified by the National Safety Council, the American Automobile Association, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and other accredited driving programs.

Courses of Interest

Defensive & Tactical Driving

police car navigates through cone course

This course is presented as an entry-level class in the Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy and as a re-certification or refresher class in the Specialized Law Enforcement Training Program.

Driver Instructor Training Program

This course prepares current full-time officers to instruct at the basic academy or specialized training level.

Advanced Tactical Driving

This course expands beyond the basic Defensive and Tactical Driving class to include pursuit intervention strategies such as the Precision Immobilization Technique and Box-In Maneuver as well as the use of spike strips, aviation support and other resources.

On-Site Training

student driving training carIf you have a classroom and a suitable area for practical driving exercises (large parking lot, air strip or similar paved surface of at least 2-3 acres), we can bring a Defensive and Tactical Driving course to your site.

Many agencies take advantage of this option which reduces overall training expense in terms of man-hours lost, as well as travel and lodging.